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Alcantara Dash Trim

I ordered my S with the alcantara dash trim. Just noticed it was removed from the design process and also my design sheet.
Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone received their car with the alcantara dash?

I am looking at my Vehicle Purchase Agreement and it has the "Alcantar Upper Dashboard Trim" listed. Delivery was to be September 5th. I got this yesterday so pretty recent.

My understanding is that with the design center change earlier this week that the dash is now bundled with the head liner. My sales guy told me that they can no longer be ordered separately. Thus, if you get the alcantara headliner, you are getting the dash - period. Only exception might be if you have a confirmed order prior to this change and you opt to stay with the lighter head liner. I asked to switch to black and was told that I now have to take the alcantara dash, which I really do not want. You can see the dash change in the design studio when you select alcantara head liner.

Thanks for the info. I did not notice the dash change with the headliner until you mentioned it.

@franklinwno +1. I was told the same thing. Yesterday I changed to the black headliner, but as a result I also am getting the alcantara dash inserts that I didn't really want. They are now bundling the two together.

@AndyHSoCa - i got my DS to change me to the black headliner because I have the grey leather, but I did not know it would add dash inserts. What inserts are you referencing?

@ROCDOC - I ordered gray leather too, and I think the black headliner is a dramatic improvement over the light colored one. The alcantara on the dash covers a portion of the dash along the front edge. closest to the driver and passenger. Prior to this change, it was optional, even when the headliner was standard (i.e. with a P85). Now, as I understand it, it is no longer optional. They have bundled the two together. You can see it best in the design center, if you go to the overhead picture and toggle between the alcantara headliner and the standard textile headliner. My thought is that since the black headliner is such a significant improvement in the look with gray leather, that I am willing to take the alcantara on the dash too. Who knows, it might actually look nice!

@AndyHSoCal - Thanks for that. I did notice the subtle change when switching from textile to either the white or black headliner. I think it will be fine for me. So many choices - I'm done worrying whether I've made the best choice. It is what it is and I can't wait for delivery on September 27. Oh, wait.... everyone seems to indicate a few week delay. Looking forward to joining the Tesla community soon.

Like others mentioned, I had no interest in the dash. However, I wanted the black headliner enough to get over it. Got confirmation that my order change went through today. Frankly, in the new design center, the dash doesn't look as bad as the original pictures when it was a stand alone option. I think that the reason why is that the old pics were top down (which you would never see anyway). However, from the driver's seat position,it seems pretty subtle.

AndyHSoCa and RocDoc:

Is the change showing in My Tesla/My Dashboard/View Design for you guys? Mine is not. Wonder if that takes a few days.

@franklinwino - I agree completely. No, the change is not yet showing on My Dashboard yet either. I thought if it didn't show up "soon", I would call and check to verify that all is well.

@ROCDOC - I am scheduled for Sep. 27 delivery too. I am hoping that in another month they will have mostly caught up on the apparent backlog. If not, I will graciously wait until its my turn. Not that I have much choice...

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