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Bighorn, Thanks for sharing..not only is the Tesla editorial good, but this guy knows how to some of his other editorials...good stuff!

That's the top article right now, but will be archived when the next comes out. Please don't link front pages. Here's the direct link to this review:

Amusing? More like spot f#%£!ng on! I haven't heard it said any better, a few owners here have said it just as well but not any better. ;-)


Oh yeah, thanks for sharing! I'll be sharing it too!

Sorry, Brian H, my bad. Showing my age. @goneskiian I thought the article was spot on, and I did chuckle at his prose. I used to ply those roads many moons ago.

"Oh you’re gonna drive an electric car, you just don’t know it yet." +1!

Well spotted!

"Oh, I am going to drive an eletric car verry soon, I know it!

A bit precious, methinks.

"And that’s why he’s successful and you’re not."


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