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Does anyone know if Tesla accepts american express for payment for their car. I used american express for S and X reservations but was wondering about payment as well.


Is your credit limit high enough? I know mine isn't.

No CC accepted for final payment, only for reservations.

Thanks for the answer BYT. No limit, but I suspected that it would not be accepted.

I tried AmEx Platinum. They wanted a check.


Amex Platinum or Black can easily handle it. That's not the issue. It would be silly for TM to forego 2% of their margin for just the payment instrument.

Good point Mark, and thinking about it, even if they did allow it I'd rather Tesla keep the 2 % then have the miles.

Most car companies, of course, are happy to get an Amex card and deal with the bite however they do it.

Tesla's a startup, and we all have to live with that, in many respects. I didn't love paying by check, but I am SO not giving the car back.

My limit is more than high enough. Was told that if they were to take credit cards, it would be a smarter decision the reduce the price of the Model S by a couple of thousand dollars instead of giving it to the card company.

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