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And... she's at home!

Everything was perfect, from the ordering and test drive to the delivery and a ride home.

Nice garage floor:-) Congrats!

Nice! Congrats!


Is that an optical illusion or an HPWC cable - it looks much thicker than mine...?

Congrats, BTW :-)

Congrats. I went with the black as well. Gorgeous car.

Congratulations, beautiful car! Love the garage floor, too. :)

Congrats--looks sweet.

BTW what kind of tile did yo put down in the garage. I just got done painting my garage and am looking at flooring options next.


Thanks all :-)

@nickjhowe Yes, it's a cell phone pic, so it's an optical illusion. The HPWC cable is standard.

@omarsultan This is just a vinyl. Not very successful experiment, BTW, 'cause the marks from the tires are hard to clean. It will be replaced with ceramic tiles soon.


is that green or black? I can't tell but beautiful nonetheless. congrats on the new ride!

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