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Anti-glare screen?

Apologies if this has been asked before. I wasn't able to find an existing thread.

Has anyone found an anti-glare solution for the screen?

I'm occasionally getting the sun reflected in the screen. It's not bad, but something a bit less reflective would be easier on the eyes and probably help with fingerprints too.

Any ideas?

Also, check out the post by artsci over at TMC here:

Thanks for the tips! for MS. Cut to fit and easy to install. Like it .

The bigger issue is poor screen visibility while wearing polarized sunglasses. Someone mentioned that this issue resolves using the Nushield. Can anyone else vouch for this?

Never mind. I actually read the text on their website this time which clearly states that it does facilitate viewing with polarized shades.

I ordered the NuShield last night. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works.

Strange, I haven't had any issues viewing the screens with either of my polarized glasses.

Slowly angle your head while looking at the screen.

I just installed the NuShield. With my polaroid glasses, the screen looks bright with the glasses in their normal horizontal position, but the screen darkens considerably if the glasses are rotated by 90°.

I have had the NuShield screen protector for about two months. It is pre-cut to the exact size of the MS, does a good job protecting the screen and does not affect readability with polarized glasses. That being said, it only very slightly cuts down on fingerprints and glare.

The NuShield goes on easily, protects the screen and helps with finger prints, but it's still a glossy finish. It helps with glare/reflections a little bit but not much. :-/

I'll have to keep my eyes open for something else.

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