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Any Ham Radio Operators in the group? VHF mobile installation query?

My Young Bride and I are Hams (W4AOP & W4AMK) and want to install a VHF (2 mtrs & 70 Cms) rig into our new MS85 when it arrives next month. Has anyone done that, and how is the reception in the MS with that myriad of electronics riding along ? And, are there any or many problems when transmitting? In our Peugeot the widow wipers came on with every transmission. Lastly, any tips on antenna placement - Rear deck or roof or...??

Tnx much, Dick

Installing external antennas on a Tesla is irregular, illegal, and will result in your car being recalled and junked. Be warned. >:(

If you have the pano roof, there are roofrack screw mounts hidden under flaps above the B pillar. Good place for a whip antenna. Route coax through hatchback seal. Check for RFI into Model S's computer (which is under the center armrest).

Note that the windshields and side glass make a good faraday cage for lower frequency bands than cell phones use.

Your #1 issue is ground. I haven't tried the larson glass mount antenna but from what I an tell it *should* work on the rear window, Otherwise you can use a lip mount on the rear but will need to ground directly to the vehicle (easy enough but still needs to be done)

Running a Dstar iCom 2520 2m/70cm runs just fine with no adverse effects but I recommend adding extra shielding to the rig and any connectors, and run on low pwr whenever possible.


See this thread from last month.

No alternator whine in the audio :) N6HMB

Those roof rack screw holes look like they would do a good job of grounding.

#Bob W, Tnx - hadn't seen the previous thread.

#Brian H - Gosh! Been hamming mobile for 60 years and didn't realize how much trouble I could get into. Now I'm quaking! ;)

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