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Any Model S rental in Dallas yet?

There's clearly an unmet need, since Tesla can't offer test drives. I'd dearly love to rent a model s just for even a couple of hours for my dad's 70th birthday. Any ideas? I have a model s, but i'm in seattle, a bit too far to drive.

A web search didn't find anything. There are these exotic car rental places that show up for Dallas, how come none of them have a Tesla?

Hundreds. Dallas folks, can you help?

It would be so fantastic to show one to my dad, maybe take him on a drive. the best time would be this saturday or sunday.

Seattle - I live in San Antonio, 300 miles. Just trying to keep your thread up top. It's a little less random, but a co-worker's parents are coming into town this week and we are arranging a test drive for her dad. Any Dallas folks willing to work Saturday/Sunday on the Tesla Grin commission?

There's an event in a couple weeks at the Dallas Tesla service center (Flower Mound). You might be able to coordinate something with Tesla to sign him up for one of these "legally not allowed to be a test drive" things :-)

I would've been happy to loan mine out but I'll be out of town Thu-Sun and my car will be in a parking garage at DFW. :(

Wow, that would have been incredible generous. I'd be willing to pay to have a short term use of someone's car. I love my model s. I just want my dad to see how awesome one is.

Hey Seattle, my name is Garrett and I live in Dallas. I would be willing to show your dad my Tesla Model S this weekend and drive him around in it for his birthday. I don't feel comfortable letting him drive it but I can definitely tell him all about the car and drive him around Dallas. I actually lived in Bellevue for 21 years and just moved here to Dallas last year. Let me know what time this weekend works for you!

Wow, that would be incredible. send me a personal message at nickkline @ gmail dot com. I guess I'm not anonymous any more. I'm Nick Kline, in Bellevue!

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