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Anyone doing Seattle to San Francisco with a 60KW

Does anyone have info for this run?
Hotels with Nema 14-50?
America's Cup calls....Hope Woodburn will be done
by Mid September. Any intel on more Oregon Supercgargers?

I would think Woodburn will be done by then. I see they've got the bases up. Now they just need to run the wire. Then again, I was a bit optimistic in how quickly they would finish the stations in Washington too. ;-)

It would be nice for me if both Woodburn and Ellensburg were done by the end of November. With really careful driving I could probably make it between those locations through the shorter route bypassing Centralia. Also there would probably be less elevation change.

Unless they break ground on a new Supercharger in the next week or so, I wouldn't count on anything being available further south by mid September. Here is a handy map I came across that shows EV friendly hotels. As always, call ahead first to make sure the charger is still there and available:

Thanks so much for the map.
I will publish my findings as soon as I have
the route laid out.
I did find an interesting hotel in Wolf Creek, OR
They have a nema 14 50 and the inn is 1800's style.
Bring your cell, no phones or such.

woodburn is done

Gave them our $2500, tried to configure our S, but looking for advice. We own a home in Trout Lake, Wa -- our official home. We love the forgiveness of our sales tax which would be nearly $6000. We have a condo in downtown Portland, Oregon, about 90 miles from Trout Lake -- we go back and forth 3 days one place, 4 days the other. Our house in Trout Lake has an available freezer plug in. In our condo, 90 miles away, there is no available plug at all -- not even 110. My husband is very lerry about getting the 60 and wants the 85, which is $7000 more when all is said and done. Of course nearest super charger is in Woodburn, 32 miles from Portland. Charging at malls, Fred Meyer, Portland State, OHSU seems easy, but my husband thinks it would really become tiresome. Any advice? Did not opt for pano -- but maybe worth it for added height in back seat. I have grandchildren, so wondering if back-facing seats are another have to. We are 63, no reason to be any faster than the standard S I'm thinking. It snows bunches in Trout Lake, so should we get the air suspension to raise us up? Surround sound? I chose a parking beeper -- bad at parking and we ordered the tech package. But if we get everything -- we can't afford the car. What options are really worth it?

We also drive from Portland to Napa -- another grandchild -- at least 4 times per year. I'wondering if that does really necessitate the 85 over the 60.

I think the 85 is always worth it. You will lose some range after a few years.

With an 85 kWh you will always stay well above 200 miles of range, even after many years of driving. My son is 11 years old and I will likely give him my Model S in 5-7 years. It depends on what Tesla is producing then for my replacement.


It sounds like you've done your research, which is not surprising for Tesla and future-Tesla owners.

In my honest opinion, after having an 85 for almost eight months, if you are choosing between the pano and the back-facing seats, go for the pano. If you are debating between air suspension and the sound, go for the suspension. And, really, go for the 85.

We have the pano but no back-facing seats (no children) but don't the seats only allow children up to a certain size? The additional light in the back seat from the pano roof is amazing and with the seats only being used for a few years and only with your grandchildren (though I've no idea if you daily interact with them), the posibility to get more use out of the pano roof is great.

We have the upgraded sound, tech package and the air suspension. If I had to get rid of one, it would be the sound and not because I don't love it but because the ride with the air suspension is so superior that I would never give it up. And let's be honest, the tech package is simply fantastic.

We have the 85 but were considering the 60 as our daily commute is reasonable. However, the rationalle behind being able to run up to our family directly from work in an emergency won out (they are about 150 miles away). Additionally, we contemplated that if there were times we couldn't plug-in, we'd not have to worry so much with an 85. In the end, we are very pleased with the decision to spend more for the bigger battery pack as never once have we experience range anxiety and the scenario of the emergency has actually come to fruition, unfortunately.

Each situation is different but I promise you will never regret yours to get a Tesla, regardless how you trim it out.

Good luck!


Did you resolve your charge issue in Portland?. I live on NW 23rd and have nowhere to charge as well, I am going to have to use public chargers which is going to be annoying. If you guys installed a plug let me know.


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