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Anyone Getting Frustrated with Tesla ?

Is anyone other than me getting frustrated with Tesla ? I know it may be childish to be upset that Reservation Numbers significantly higher than mine are getting delivered but it just eats at me.

pbrulott....leather is included in Canadian price. Did you deduct Quebec's rebate?

Hi Stephen,

I did net out the leather in the 8-10% (12% when leather in). I was going to take leather anyway. And I didn't remove the Qc rebate though.

My post was just a high level statement that it ain't a 50 or 75K car (whatever TM says), it is a 100K car with a reduce TCO but still very very expensive when everything is included. And we haven't seen all the options coming out yet (connectivity package, storage,...). I had to get rid of the Tech Package to compensate for the Canadian pricing rip off. Since then we had to chip in maintenance 1,900 and now supercharger access of $2k (US price). I more and more feel the car will be missing some very basic features you find in 40-50K cars but will cost me a fortune anyway that Ican't justify with TCO.

pbrulott.....I too am deleting the tech package for the same reason. I expect to use the model S a lot and am therefore getting the 85 kWh battery and air suspension. Cost....$87,500 plus tax plus maintenance package minus Quebec rebate. I am almost 64 and I expect the model S to outlast me.

My wife is thinking of getting a Smart Fortwo EV. We both bought some Tesla stock.

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