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Anyone has replaced halogen headlights with xenon headlamps ?

For MS without Tech Package, has anyone replaced halogen headlights with xenon headlamps ? If yes, where did you do it ? I am looking for shop in bay area.

I'd also love to hear if anyone has done this. Or plans to...?

I want to, or go to LEDs, but my requests to find out the bulb type from Tesla have gone nowhere so far. I may have to just tear it down myself to find out, but I'd prefer to only do that once...

My advise: don't do it. I did this for an Accord I used to own. The housings leaked water afterwards, ( you have to unseal the housings to put HID lenses in since halogen lenses won't seat the HID bulbs, and reseal them ) and I had to realign them every 6 months. Not trivial to take the housings out either. There ae some guys who will do this for you,, but they are all hack jobs, and many times I have seen the tragic results.

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