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Anyone heard of not beign about post, and getting constant "Under Repair" Messages?

I an getting this?

Yes. I actually enjoyed seeing the robots working, well the first time, anyway. I got it for several hours straight.

It was a video of your Model S getting built... ;)

Still experiencing this all the time...

I had that happen. Apparently it's a problem with the individual account settings. An email to Tesla fixed it right up. The thing to note is that the URL that you get will either say denied or spam.

They installed a whole new My Tesla section of the site tonight!

First page looks better now. It now offers Model S design as well as Roadster, while older page offered just Roadster.

Feels like Tesla has now time to fine-tune less important things like this website (the robots working animation as maintenance was going on was a good one, it felt like there is actually something happening even that it was just glorified "under maintenance" icon).

Yeah, I did get that 'under maintenance' glitch, and an email to support was the only way to get it cleared.

I used to get that too. They fixed it once, then it happened again. It seems like they have fixed it again!

I'm still having this problem. Who do I contact for support?

Send an e-mail to either your Advocate or the general e-mail shown on this site. Unfortunately, Tesla doesn't have a separate website feedback email. Maybe they will put on in soon.

The Design Studios have been somewhat updated. A few oddities, like the wheel options showing fabric colors ...

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