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Anyone heard pricing on the panoramic all glass roof?

I've heard the all glass roofis an option. I've searched everwhere and can't find anything on an estimated price. I am fully aware that a big chunk of the options are not priced out yet, but you never know, someone will hear something from someone credible soon.

The 2010 Scion tC comes standard with a glass roof at $18000. Other places say that a glass roof on a Ford costs $1900 extra.
There's at least a price range for you. Of course, the roof didn't open....

I heard from Tesla sales rep that glass roof is standard in all cars.

If true that would be fantastic. It seems to be standard on a most similar priced cars anyway.

The only thing I'm concerned with is that I will have mine in Atlanta, and an all glass roof will have me sizzling like fajita meat in the summer.

Get your "S" a tinfoil hat?
Or get REALLY dark glass, with IR blocker coating.

I heard from Tesla sales rep that glass roof is standard in all cars.

Sounds unlikely to me. Looking at these photos it is hard to tell but to me that looks like none of the alpha cars has a glass roof:

The alphas may not, but if I remember right from the Tesla rep I spoke with, I thought he mentioned the glass roof being standard. In fact it may help with costs and weight for the car. Not positive, but we will find out.

According to the Model S FAQ the glass roof is optional:

What options and features will be available?
We are finalizing the list of features and options. As production nears, Tesla will release exact specifications, options, and associated prices. Tesla expects the 17” infotainment touchscreen to be standard on every Model S. The panoramic glass roof and rear-facing child seats are planned optional upgrades."

I hope it's not standard as I don't want it. I do however really hope they put in mounting points for a roof rack...

I'm starting to get a little worried on what this "entry" level Model S is going to have standard, etc. It already does seem like the price is heading north upwards near the cost of an AMG or M style vehicle. I'm all about a premium but I thought that Tesla was all about making the Tesla S an "affordable" electric vehicle?

They are, for their NEXT car.

The model s has ALWAYS been advertised as a luxury car, that happens to be electric.

The bluestar will be the affordable car.

Could also be that a sunroof is standard but the panoramic glass roof would be an option. Anyway we will know all in a year hopefully.

That would be even worse. Sun roofs were nice to have before cars got AC, now they're just in the way. And it'll probably leak after a few years...

The one hour commute to work and then the one hour cruise home during any time of year in Jersey, is a good time to let the sunshine in. Now this is from a guy who drove from Jersey to Disney with the top down on his VW, in 24 hours. Believe me, it took commitment. But boy, what a memory.

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