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Anyone interested in selling his Tesla?


I really want to buy and own Tesla car, any model. Please let me know if you are interested in selling yours?

email -



Same, but I doubt anyone is willing to sell something they waited quite a while to get...

I don't expect anyone to sell theirs unless a new model comes out.

Good luck finding one though!

...maybe check on service loaners that are available for sale??


Where are you located?

Anyone who may actually be looking to sell their car, please be careful with posts like this. Many times they are scams, where they will ask you to send a check to cover one thing or another, or they will simply falsify documents to rip you off.

I am not saying the OP is a scammer, I am just saying this reeks of an internet scam. So proceed with caution if you reply, and give him no personal info or money until you are SURE it is legitimate.

Order one. You'll have it in 6 weeks.
Demand is so high a used one could cost more than a new one.
Mine would. :)

Since there aren't a ton of used ones available, the discount you could get compared to a new car wouldn't be very much (considering we're talking about $70-100k cars here), especially since the vast majority of them aren't even close to a year old.

There are two listed on ebay, one at $49k and one at $90k

If you are seriously interested I have a 2013 P85 with every option possible. It is blue with tan, two sets of wheels and tires-19"-21" and a supercharger. Love the car but do to illness cannot use it. The window sticker was around $118,000. It has less than 1000 miles on it. The car is located in NJ.

I have changed my mind. I am totally interested in selling. $350k. I love my car, so the extra $250k+ value comes from the love, which is generally regarded as priceless, so I think I made a reasonable offer here.

consumption of biofuel before posting is discouraged. has three for sale from the Fort Lauderdale area ask for Jordan two black p85 954-646-7447 or 561-271-9446 mention Signature Custom wraps

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