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anyone see this weird rumor going around that unattended acceleration filed with NHTSA?

looks like the shorts are at it again, or some dumb owner and his dumb wife trying to blame tesla!

"Gizmotoy | SEPTEMBER 25, 2013
Interesting. I wonder who will be first to tinker with the software to unlock that "hidden" 8%..."

Look under the go pedal, there may be an 8% shim that blocks it from going 100%.

One more thing, this whole thing about 92% and 100% is pretty common on high end cars. My Porsches have it. I press on the accelerator it goes down about 92%, but I can still press it further down, but I need to put extra pressure to do that. It is called, "Kickdown".

I expect the Tesla black box will settle it. I reported a slight 'fishtail' incident on wet pavement about two weeks after it happened. They asked me for the date and approximate time in order to check their log on my car's behavior. I'm sure they have a log on this car, too. Part of prevention and maintenance.

@ eddiemoy - Why can't you give the people who filed the complaint the benefit of the doubt? There is more to life than stock value, and it's not helpful to accuse people who may be having legitimate issues of making things up in order to manipulate the stock price.

Seriously, if the media wanted ammo for a hatchet piece, they have no further to go than the public posts in this forum. Someone wanting to trash Tesla wouldn't go through the process of filing an NHTSA complaint.

Also, by bringing the complaint to everyone attention and starting a thread about it probably does more damage to the brand and peoples' perception of that brand than the actual complaint itself. You are elevating it to another level and giving it a lot of attention.

@Tam ("Fly-by-wire is most if all for new cars."): Actually, after some investigation, it appears that drive-by-wire brakes are still no permitted in the US, and that the Model S has a mechanical linkage.

The parking brake is electronically actuated (pressing the button causes the electronics to pull the actuation cable), but the brakes are standard mechanical jobs.

So slamming on the brakes have effect whether the accelerator is pressed down or not.

Since the throttle is drive by wire, the brakes "win" in some new cars when both pedals are pressed because it is the throttle that is electronically cut, and not that the brakes are overpowering the engine.

I was amused by this particular NHTSA complaint. The complaintant didn't leave a VIN number. The webpage address referenced in the complaint looks odd. Especially note the end of the complaint.


Has someone been watching too many Iron Man movies?

Cars are designed with brakes much more powerful than the engine/motor for safety reasons. Car and Driver ran the numbers on a BMW 3 series and concluded the brakes have a force equal to about 1,500 horsepower (don't recall the exact number). Point is if a car has unintended acceleration, the brakes will win if applied. In this case, sounds like she wrecked before brakes were applied.

Amped Realtor,

Benefit of doubt is a nice thought. But, I have lived long enough to find that a large portion of humanity goes thru life clueless. Over time you learn to be skeptical.

99% sure the driver twisted around to look back and hammered the gas thinking it was the brake. Case closed.

But filing the report is a way to extract money from the manufacturer to help with your loss.

I verify what Tam reports. Pushing both the throttle and the brake make it very difficult to stop the car. I've almost hit another car once, and a pedestrian the other time. I have very wide feet, and it's not that hard.

We had this discussion last winter on this forum. Like some here, I was a firm believer that the brake MUST take priority over the throttle. After 7 months of driving my Tesla, my opinion is even more solidified. We can't ever solve the problem of a person using the wrong pedal. But we can add throttle cutoff to the brake pedal.

Our cars have a switch that makes the brake light come on when the pedal is depressed. It's simple enough to have the accelerator become disabled when this switch is activated.

Pressing throttle and brake at same time takes longer to stop, but brakes will win. Physics. Doesn't help much though if you don't stop soon enough and collide.

The pedals would benefit from being further apart. If you've got a size 13 dress shoe you've hit two pedals before or caught a lip lifting your foot.

The server data doesn't lie. I expect them to make short work of this complaint for the reasons mentioned above. Trust but verify.

Call me cynical but I suspect user error. Of course I also have a photograph that I took of a gentleman driving on the turnpike on the way to the Lincoln tunnel. He was driving while playing the trumpet! After seeing that, no manner of distracted driving surprises me.

In another thread someone said something about Tesla adjusting the pedal height after realizing that there were a few people that were accidentally hitting both the brake and the throttle.

It would be interesting to hear if this car had the new ones or the old ones. I'm also curious if Tesla in fact made the change, or did I get incorrect information.

In the Tesla MS hitting both the throttle and the brake is supposed to kill the throttle. After it does this it's supposed to be display an error message.

I'm pretty sure the 92%/100% being discussed is referring to the signal from the accelerator pedal -- returning a value from 0-92 as designed. If it really did show 100% and the mechanical limits were 92%, then that would sounds like a sensor failure. However, that isn't presented in the streaming API, so I don't know how they would get that information if not from Tesla's diagnostics.

However, for something as critical as the accelerator, I suspect there would be redundant sensors.

I still suspect operator error.

Operator error, I would have thought someone who could afford a 60-100k wouldn't be walking around looking for handouts. I was incorrect.

If tesla's log shows 100% goose pedal depression, but the wife says she was pressing the brake, I'd be inclined to accept the former info.

@eryx, why, multibillion dollar corporations have been soliciting handouts from the government for years…

@Eryx - I doubt it is looking for a handout as much as being embarrassed about wrecking the car and wanting to believe it wasn't their mistake.


Has someone been watching too many Iron Man movies?"

They must have confused Iron Man with Batman.

Lucius Fox: Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands; and your plan, is to *blackmail* this person?

Alarms, whistles, bells can only do so much! When you press both brake and accelerator, the car does chime and there's a message alert on the dashboard. However, some people are not trained to notice the alarm and the message in a stressful situation.

92 vs 100% acceleration has no relevancy. At either percentage, an owner can accidentally do serious damage to human and properties.

However, the claim of the fear of Tesla’s vigilante is uncalled for.

Tesla’s culture is very clear. It is not customer-blaming:

“The intent is to provide complete peace of mind about owning your Model S even if you never read or followed the instructions in the manual.”

but rather it’s Tesla engineering’s burden to make sure customers are happy:

“If something goes wrong, it is therefore our fault, not yours.

I don't understand this whole 92% business. It sounds like, this amp is louder because it goes to eleven, just in reverse.

@Tam - if the physical sensor can only report 0-92% for the throttle, if the car receives a position of 100% it would indicate a failure in the throttle or its sensor.

Maybe these clowns are marginally less dumb than they seemed. We now have a bunch of posters focused on whether the wife made the car accelerate at 92% vs. 100% WHEN SHE STOMPED ON THE ACCELERATOR! Get over the 92 vs 100% thing people. SHE STOMPED ON THE ACCELERATOR!

If my wife had done this, we would have a private discussion about how it was obviously my fault and then get the car fixed.

Reminds me of a time when I was in the pro shop at Doral. Guy comes in and complains about how difficult the course was and he wants them to comp the entire box of golf balls he lost. Just go home quietly and commiserate. No need to proclaim your ineptitude.

How old is his wife?

@EVMD How does her age matter? Please elucidate.

It is easy to hit both pedals at once and get a small acceleration. I'd prefer if the brake pedal engagement point was raised slightly. However, if you stomp on both pedals, the brake disengages the throttle. Try it yourself in a parking lot and never worry about again.

If I remember correctly, during the Broder episode, Elon stated that only on demo cars, loaners and cars used for testing by the media had extensive data logging enabled.
Not sure how much detailed logging is done on regular customers cars.


Did you try to see whether accelerator takes over the brake yourself?

I did. Repeatedly. The results are the same.

Go to the 17" screen.

Press the and hold the red square "emergency brake", the accelerator would move your car forward.

Press and hold the physical brake with your left foot, the accelerator would move your car forward even when the brakes clamps all the wheels down.

Don't underestimate the power of the motor that breaks free the stopping car from the brakes.

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