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App won't connect

I've only had my car a few days, but I'm really loving it. I've given many test drives and answered hundreds of questions. I enjoy closing my "Tesla sales pitch" by whipping out my phone and showing off the app. This afternoon the app wouldn't connect to my car. No messages, just the spinner forever. I just tried again from home, several hours later and still the same. I've killed and restarted the app (iPhone), tried from my iPad, and rebooted the center console from the car and still nothing.

Anyone else see this? Any ideas?

This is really inconvenient since I have to walk all the way out to my garage to make sure it's still there.

Same thing here. It was working yesterday. Looks like they are having server issues.

Same thing here. I called and they said they weren't aware of any server issues. But I did everything. Just the spinning wheel. The only thing I can think of is a server issue on their end.

Same here

Same here. Also, Bluetooth isn't connecting to my phone.

Same here. was working earlier this morning

Works for me via the iPhone App at 17:50MST

Maybe people should put the time in so we can judge when the problem occurs and corrects itself?

I think they just fixed it.

Make sure the care is in a place with fairly good 3G connection. Sublevel parking garages not a great place to connect.

Works for me now!

Try your full email address. Mine did not work with just my user name but, started working again when I used the full email address that is linked to my tesla account.

Happens on occasion. I noticed that it happened when my car was in a location with poor cell coverage.

There was a server problem this evening.

I've had it happen where the circle around the car symbol appears then a notice pops up that says unable to connect with options stating "retry" or "account". Once it happened where the car is circled and then it said "this may take a few minutes", but connection doesn't happen. The last variety happened only once on Tuesday evening, not since. The other variety happens occasionally, eventually connecting.

I lost app connectivity, touchscreen map, and slacker/Internet radio last night while showing 3 bars on my 3G connectivity. I rebooted 3 times and it finally came back up.

While we're on the topic of the app, I imagine your significant others also use the app on their phones, right? Possible to have simultaneous log-ins? Will my logging in kick my wife offline, and vice versa? Any problems/issues with multiples?

Hi, just same problem appeared to me this morning. Again server issues?

Seemd to be just a hiccup. worked again today and have done nothing else.

I'll answer my own question from March, since I'd forgotten all about it, and have now had my S for seven months:

No, there are no issues caused by multiple phones viewing the app for the same car simultaneously.

Thanks, Kyle. You're welcome, Kyle.

Very useful thread thanks to people putting in the time to post so I can judge when the problem occurs and corrects itself. And it isn't my iPhone.

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