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Apple's Eyes-Free Steering Wheel Button Access to iOS6 applications, including Siri, Navigation

Today, at its World-Wide Developers' Conference (WWDC), Apple announced that it was working with Audi, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota (but not our favorite maker) to introduce a steering wheel button that allows the driver to use voice commands to invoke a number of iOS6 features. There's a lot of coverage all over the web, but here's what Apple says:

With the Eyes Free feature, ask Siri to call people, select and play music, hear and compose text messages, use Maps and get directions,
read your notifications, find calendar information, add reminders, and more.

Obviously the Model S screen and built-in features do many of these things, but it's unclear how many are voice-activated at this point. Will we have to wait for Tesla to release the SDK to allow third parties to integrate well with an iPhone? Will it be possible even then? Or, will Tesla itself step up to the plate and provide this sort of integration for us along the way.

Two great Silicon Valley companies should be working very closely together!

thanks Volker. You are great search engine for Tesla!

Speaking of Apple and suing, a class action lawsuit was filed saying that Sirius can't do much of what is advertised in the commercials, they are false and misleading. The local CBS station investigated the story found much of the same. Apple answered back that SIRI is only a beta software and can't be expected to work like it does in the commercials. They think the lawsuit should be dropped because noone took advantage of the 30day return policy. Go figure. I know I wouldn't want to be arguing with such an unintelligent product through my $90k Model S or have it incharge of anything to do with the cars electronics while I was driving.

Blankenship said in today's blog that apps for the iPhone and Android devices would be available later this summer. What about an app for Win 7 phones? Siri used to claim the Nokio 900 was the best smart phone and it uses the Win 7 operating system.

Well then that's just another thing SIRI got wrong. Cnet reviewed the Smartphonesfor 2012 and the Motorola Droid Raze with Android icecream sandwich OS is the number 1, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S II also with Android icecream sandwich OS. And that iPhone is now not the king of cellphones but currently third, but will continue to move down the list as the other Android phones start shipping with Icecream sandwich OS. And down apple goes.

I believe Win8 smartphones also go high in the list once they start to deliver it. Anyway, people don't use OS, they use apps. OS is there only to give easy access to apps. Whoever makes most intuitive OS with big enough quantity of good apps in decent price tag wins the competition.

Who cares if Apple or Android or even Windows phones ship more?
Buy the one you like most. The iPhone has the biggest market share as because although there are more android phones sold, they are across lots of manufacturers with different custom implementations.

Anyway - I'm pretty sure that phone integration across the board should let you access the features on your phone. The parrot car kit that I currently use activates Siri on my iPhone perfectly.

Anyway, people don't use OS, they use apps. OS is there only to give easy access to apps.

Apps are indeed the main human interface point, especially if you consider as apps the built-in OS functions like contacts, phone, calendar, etc. While those are critical, and there is wide variability in the usefulness of different companies implementations, there is a whole world of underlying system capabilities that impact and and even define the user experience. These are enabled (and crippled) by both manufacturer and service provider. How many years was it before Apple finally properly implemented Bluetooth for example? Why is it Google Voice can only receive MMS messages sent by phones on Sprint's network?
In general, I prefer a more open system (e.g., Google's) to a closed one (Apple). But I absolutely refuse to have the rest of my digital life hijacked as the price of using a particular brand of phone. I told you can now use an iPhone or iPad without completely ruining your PC with iTunes, but it's too little too late for me. ;-)

Yes, years ago I found Itunes to be abusively restrictive, and eschewed any contact, installation, linkage with it. It goes way too far down a dead-end street.

I don't use iTunes anymore after iOS 5 went OWA updates!

Since we have veered off topic, I will say that people say that OS's are just a vehicle for apps, but I think people have just been trained to think that way.

A different way of looking at your OS is it gives you context based things to do based on your available info. I think you have already seen Android and iOS try to make themselves more to be that way. Apple has no need to publicize much that since they have such a commanding lead in available mobile apps.

OS and UI are two different things.

- OS and UI are two different things.


I am not sure if this statement is a response to my comment, but it is obviously true. The OS is responsible for interactions that most people don't think about or see, but influence their experience in the OS.

People have been trained to think that the way their OS looks and what applications are available for it are the only important things.

It is simplistic and flawed, but it is what everyone knows.

Why must it be an Apple vs. Everyone debate. If there is a big demand of iPhone users who purchase Model S it seems like a good idea to add support for Siri. If you love or hate Apple does not matter and product bashing is a waste of time. Tesla should support what their customers use Android, iOS etc.

Chevrolet is beginning to advertise the new Siri Eyes Free feature. See the attached article for more details. Too bad Tesla isn't listed as one of the partners with Apple for this new functionality.

Apple and Eye-Free are contradiction. Apple rises because the company put a nice touch screen on top of primitive technology and made it fly. Without a nice looking UI, Apple's technology is primitive. Before Apple, I had my Nokia phone in my pocket and could execute a sequence of button to do what I want to do without looking at it. And it worked pretty well. Speed-dial, redial, text, etc. Now, even with voice recognition, I have to look at the screen to verify the commands. I think Tesla should go with Google or Microsoft technologies for new features. Apple is a just a nice looking gadget company which Tesla doesn't need, since Tesla already design great UI for cars. I use iPhone among others but find Android phones more productive. And Google self-driving technology would be a great feature in Tesla car. Just my 2cent

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