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Are there panoroof owners that would NOT order it again?

I have an older thread on roof choice already, but I want to focus more on those that have the pano-roof and really regret buying it. My order is finalized on May 6h.... My reasons for ordering it were mainly for the increased head room (tall family), and the more open feeling. I don't plan to ever open it. So the question is, who bought it but would buy a solid roof if they could do it all over again?

I bought it and would probably buy it again. But it is a little noiser than I expected or encountered with previous pano-like roofs. And I've noticed that the air conditioner can cause a resonant woop-woop-woop repetitive noise at certain opening levels and A/C fan levels. But I'd still buy it again. The solar filtering is very effective. The glare is minimal, never a problem. And I'm 6'3" and haven't found the ceiling height to be an issue.

Live in Bay Area, CA and I am happy that I ordered the pano. It has minimized the use of HVAC even on hot days so far this year.

Vent feature is a huge benefit as it helps to get the car ready before you get in.

I don't care if it actually opens. I like light and not closed space, so pano is like a skylight. Love it as I loved pano roof in my BMW wagon

Would order again.

We love it but it creaks constantly crazy. It creaks several places and is driving my wife nuts. We have a ranger visit scheduled for Wednesday. The scheduler said they will install three shims to fix the problem. If it is fixed, would definitely order again. If it isn't fixed, no way.

It is one of the gee-whiz features on the S. When showing someone the car, I always have them swipe the touchscreen roof image - that's when they "get" the genius of the touchscreen.

Love it also, would definitely buy it again, in Seattle.

Diddo... Love it; if there's any increased wind noise I can't hear it.

Love it

If the creaks get worse, then I might not reorder a panoramic roof. But, Tesla Motors should get it right and I enjoy the feature. It only creaks on the worst roads and is perfect most of the time.

Gotta have it! With a lot of gray weather in Seattle it's nice to have the extra light in the cabin. Besides, being tall I need the headroom! Initially I wasn't going to order it, but I'm glad I did.

Would order again! Love the light and increased head room. Must have feature for me. Seattle.

CREAKING COMMENT: I took my car in for paint armor replacement. while it was there, the service dept proactively had a "creak specialist" look at, and fix the creaking from the pano roof. I hadn't heard any of the creaking, but tesla is aware of the issue and essentially developing a "fix" for the problem for existing cars, and inline production improvement on new cars. in fact, I met with the "aerodynamic and acoustic specialist" (aka creak specialist) and he explained all of this to me... very interesting visit.

so if the creaking is really bothering you, call your service dept and see if they are ready to fix (I was at the LA service center).

p.s. I would buy the pano roof again... love it.

I like it and would buy again - Houston

Definitely would buy it again - Seattle.

Only had it for a few days now but would definitely buy it again. Seattle

Really enjoy pano roof. Already received 2nd MS with pano roof. Both working great with no squeaks or other issues. Worth noting that the pano allows use of a roof rack. Not sure if that is an options with the hard top.

@Kauai That was actually the final selling feature of the Pano roof for me: it is set up for installing a roof rack. No way to attach roof rack to the solid roof, confirmed this with Tesla.

Got it. Love it. Would get it again.

While I haven't used it a lot yet, I love it--gives a more spacious feel inside too.

Have it, love it, would do it again

Love, love, love it. On nice days, I'll take my grading out to the car. I open the roof, put the seat all of the way back, put on soft music and go to it! If anything, I wish the glass let in more light. I would like to experience more of the outside when it's closed in cooler weather. It kind of feels like a solid roof in that you really don't notice light coming through at all, unless, of course, it's open.

Would buy again and you will probably find yourself opening it!!! At least at this point (spring in Connecticut) opening it quickly cools the car (without using A/C).

couldn't imagine my tesla w/o the pano roof. it is awesome. I wasn't planning on getting one at first, but once I saw one up close I was sold. I love the look of the car from the inside, and the pano roof is a big part of that.

I don't use the sunroof or vent very often, though. But I still don't regret the pano roof. Would do it a million times.

I would buy it again.

Love it, Use it and would buy it again. Only item i would love to see integrated is a sunscreen (like i had on my moonroof for the Audi Q5


My last five cars had sun roofs and my E350 has a glass pano roof. I've never used any sun roof and the E350 is miserably hot with the glass pano roof so I didn't order it on the Tesla.

Now, I'm reading this thread and folks mentioned extra head room with the Pano roof. I'm thinking, what does a glass roof have to do with more headroom? So I went to the garage and sat in the back seat and sure enough, my hair is touching the ceiling. Uh, oh. Had I known the pano roof gave extra head room in the back, I would have ordered it.

Exactly how much extra head room do you get with the pano roof? (closed, of course)

@paul, I measured 1.5 to 1.75 inches extra headroom with the pano roof with a tape measure at the Get Amped events last summer. The extra headroom with the pano roof is the main reason I ordered it.

I love how the pano roof makes the interior of the car look. That is why I got it. Not so keen on opening it up. I've never liked convertibles or sunroofs. If I could get a Model S with a non-opening glass roof I would. I think there would be less chance for rattles without the moving parts. Mine started rattling and it drove me nuts. Service fixed it, but I sure hope the creak doesn't come back.

Got it and love it. I have the creak that is mentioned in other posts. My service guy says he is aware of the problem and will have the part in shortly to repair it.

I didn't want the Pano roof. My son talked me into it. I've had my S a month now and I LOVE the Pano roof. Get it.

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