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Are you as tired as I am of the rock star experience???

If you're like us and had you Model S for some time you may be as tired as we are of the crazies out there doing some very stupid things to stop and talk to us. Just today I was driving and some crazy woman rolls down her window waiving her hands like she was in some sort of trouble. When I rolled down my window she asked me what type of car I was driving. This is the second time some tried this, the first time my wife was asked to pull over. Another time I was driving in a parking lot and someone jumped in front of my car with arms streached out and said.... I'm sorry but can I take a look inside. Not only is this dumb but in many cases simply dangerous. Then it's those who want to spend sooooo much time talking about it that it becomes difficult to get anything done. So I got to thinking, do you think we can get Tesla to print some some business cars to include the website and 800 number on them? Then if someone wants to chat and we don't have time we can at least give them a card and say "I'm sorry, I have to run but here is how you can get more info".

If you agree please reply to this note with "TESLA PLEASE READ THIS AN SEND US SOME BUSINESS CARDS".

I'm not tired of it yet because I've only had my car for a few days. I can easily see how it could get burdensome after a few months though.

First congratulations on your delivery. It's been a few months for us and it's still a thrill to get into the car each day. If I were you I would place an order for cards now :)

I stopped at the White Plains store on my way back from a trip to New England (from Phila), and I asked for a stack of Brochures to keep in the glove compartment and give out to any interested person. In that way, all the persons who ask for information will be able to follow-up with Tesla - whether we meet at a stop light, parking lot, or wherever. You should ask Tesla headquarters to send you some brochures.

BTW, I have had my car only since December 10, and I am NOT yet tired of (how did you phrase it), the "Rock Star" experience. Between the horn beeping, the hand waving, the rubber necking, and all the really cool expressions of passers by, my new hobby is people watching. Quite fun. It is going to be a while longer before I get sick of that.

I find it really interesting to see the reaction of people to the model S. Today a guy at a signal rolled down his window and told me it was the most beautiful car he has seen. At a relatives house on a quiet street two guys walked up to me interested in the car. It turns out one is a reservation holder who has never seen one on the road.

Now I know how the pretty girl at the high school dance feels--do you like me for my looks (model S) or my personality?

I have a stack of brochures too, picked them up at the Menlo Park store!

Can't blame those people, I have the urge to chase down other Tesla owners when I see one myself, hey, and I have been driving my own for almost 3 months now!

Was pulled over by a NYC city cop today.....just to check out the car and give the thumbs up. The flashing lights were scary though initially lol.

No :)

I've had mine since October and have only been asked about it once - by a retiree at a Lamps Plus parking lot. Guess I'm feeling ripped off on the whole rock-star experience... B-)

Bernie, that's crazy...NYC cops NEVER pull anyone over!

For the first time tonight I got annoyed with the more dangerous observing... I was driving on the Merrit Parkway in CT and a guy in a Escalade was basically tailgating and then passing and then slowing down then getting behind me and tailgating again... And then I saw him taking pictures of the car while driving! I was pissed, as it was dangerous and stupid... So I let him see the acceleration and that was that.

Today was really my second day with the car and I traveled to NYC (from philly) and there were multiple interactions while on the way up the NJTK and back and while in NY. from groups of people with the head turning, double take on the streets of NY to the woman in a mercedes in a parking garage who was asking how I liked it and that she had to get one. I had several cars that were passing me on the NJTP that slowed when they realized what they were passing to get a view. some even slowed to get behind again then pass and gawk at the car. One guy in a BMW on the way back to philly was passing then slowed to get behind me, flashed his lights and then passed again waving. there were others as well. the excitement is amazing. Tesla just has to ensure that the quality is there and this product will surpass all expectations. oh and it was a great ride to NY and back today - what a smooth ride, great car, great interface.

The Rock Star is the car-- we are all just bit players. I am happy with this. Hang on it's going to be a smooth ride.

I'm still having fun talking to total strangers who are interested in the car. The more cars Tesla sells, the better, I think. However, I did put a stack of brochures in the glove box for the times I just don't have time to chat.

I'm not getting a lot of that. But then Seattle has a lot of Teslas. Mine is the third on my block.

I've had mine for a couple weeks. People don't seem to care that much actually. I have talked to a few random people who asked, but for the most part no seems to care (or they pretend not to care).

The joy of living 8 miles from the factory - we hardly get any of that (though my wife keeps pointing out when people stares I really
don't see them).

Thankfully it's been rare enough that I've not been annoyed and
instead have welcomed the opportunity is share my excitement and
dispel some of the common myth. The supercharging network in
particularly seems to give people something to think about.

In a sense I feel I represent Tesla so I try to be more
patient and objective than I otherwise would (and I fully
acknowledge that the Model S may not be a great fit for everyone).

It has been pretty entertaining. My wife and I walked back to our car after brunch on Saturday and there was a note on the windshield: "This car is SEXY and you are cool. From a HOT girl." We got a good laugh out of that.

Wait... its the car? I thought it was my handsomeness they were staring at.

Live in Dallas area and have seen a few people gawking but honestly most people don't even notice. Only had one guy run down the street waving arms and all he did was give a two-thumbs up and yell "VERY COOL!". Other than that, I was showing the car off at a Half-Price books and got a lot of drive bys with people watching and listening to me explain the vehicle to a couple of friends. I don't mind it and suspect that I won't at this rate.

@KevinR - yes, the rock star is the car.... and we are the "Road Crew"

It's not old for me yet. If you want to get guaranteed attention, put your packages in the frunk...

Actually I enjoy explaining the car to everyone that asks. Over the weekend, I spent 20 minutes getting a brake light for my son's car, since I showed the car to six different people before leaving. As a Tesla stock holder, I'm showing it to everyone as a personal investment strategy.

I've had drivers of the Roadster wave and honk at me when I've driven by, kind of fun.

Funniest thing that's happened was when I came out of a supermarket. An older gentleman was circling the Model S, couldn't figure out how one could get in (he thought the door handles were decorative). I double clicked the key, and the door handles popped out (he hadn't noticed me walking up). After he stepped back a foot, he looked up, sort of like the kid in the VW/Darth Vader commercial.

Now, I live in the Seattle area, where it's considered gauche to make a big deal out of celebrity. We don't tolerate papparazzi well... People are very polite (Seattle nice), but we do get the occasional questions.

Also, while Model S's are by no means common, there are a few around. I live on the eastside, and my dad saw an S the same color as mine (green) pull out of the Iverness neighborhood (in Seattle proper) the other day. I've seen two others on Juanita Drive (in my neighborhood). So people are getting used to seeing them...




Nicely done.

@Holtz: that Totally needed to be videoed.


Nope. Think about it, this can't last.

Then the old Honda Accord feeling will take over.

What's worse?

I get this all the time in my home built EV too ('74 Porsche 914), and half the time people don't even know it's electric. I still love to chat and educate, but I admit, sometimes you're running late for a meeting/dinner and just need to get to work/home. My recommendation would be to direct them to the nearest Tesla showroom and inform them that Tesla gives free test drives to anyone with a pulse and a driver's license.

I do my best to give Teslas (as well as Volts and Leafs) a thumbs up when I see 'em on the road. So far, I've only spotted two in my area (north central MA).

Just hard to switch lanes sometimes since people take pictures while pacing me just off the left side rear in the neighboring lane. They often speed up and slow down making it hard to pass the cars in front of me. It's funny but I do get a little annoyed with it.

I've already sold two of them to local medical marijuana providers. I think they are going to end up being used as part of their "green" delivery service. Must be lucrative! :)

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