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The artificial leaf, a very interesting way to (partially) solve the energy problem of the world. Hydrogen produced easy & cheap

The artificial leaf, a very interesting way to (partially) solve the energy problem of the world.

I just saw a program on the BBC World channel called Horizons.

I think that people who understand physics should see this.

Can this be used in the automotive industry?

Here is the link:

The best idea I saw was to use hydrogen to make range-extended EV's (like the Volt). That way you'd be clean the entire way, and cheaper most of the time.

I think that the main point of this artificial leaf is that hydrogen can be produced cheaply and easily.

Interesting article link Benz. And if you could use collected rain water, your home energy could be free! One thing not mentioned, is how much room the hydrogen gas would take up.

@ Tesluthian

Well, that is not mentioned, but that would be a few kubic meters I think?

He did say that it will be made commercially useable within 5 years. And that is not too far away, I think.

Maybe some of the Engineer/math types will chime in on that.

@ Tesluthian

I am wrong about the few kubic meters. The scientist says that about twelfe bottles of water would be sufficient for a household. So, the volume is smaller than I thought earlier.

The volume of hydrogen gas from decomposing 12 bottles of water would be rather large. Any chemists out there?

Yeah we need a chemist, but at least the input water is small, good for two days running a house. Nice system for third world countries and emerging markets where there's no grid. Or as backup system where they have rolling blackouts like India.

Yeah, this is a promising technology. MIT had some promising research not long ago. This would effectively solve the energy problems of the world. Though if the electric car had a tough road fighting big oil, even though a high present of the electric grid depends on fossil fuels, this technology is going to have it even tougher. Hope it sees the light of day and big oil doesn't find a way to kill it.

You can see here that artificial leaf tech is already been discouraged in favor of... wait for it... batteries. :(

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