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Australian reservations

who here has a reservation?, what area/state you in?, what did you reserve and what number are you?, how was the comunication?

- stuey :Frederickton NSW 2440 (now awaiting gen 3 reservation)

Sydney. Sig#9. They communicate when you contact them. Recent replies from Naomi and Jerome Guillen. Disappointing that HK and UK owners have been recently phoned with approx dates, and of course, no one has called us here in Oz.

Perth, P85+, #27. Just got an email from Naomi. Looking forward to autumn!

Oops, should have said just P85.

Sydney, #21. Got a call from Naomi this morning.

That would be SH autumn, NH spring? ;)

Brian H: Yep.

Signature #17. Ordered October 2011. Gold Coast. Got a call this week.

Perth, P85 #66. Communication was ok but haven't heard anything for a number of months.

What date have other Australian reservation holders been given for Australian deliveries? I was told March-June 2014 but another Australian reservation holder I know was told today that the information provided to Australians last week was incorrect and the date is actually closer to September 2014.

A year or two, give or take.

March-June 2014.

Hi to all TESLAristi in Oz,

do you know what the GO is with Supercharger roll out Downunder?
I was told the Model S can't be recharged at CHAdeMO chargers, is that the case?

Best regards


Chademo is rumored to be in the works. My guess is that there will be adapter available by the time Australia gets their cars.

I needed to check whether the Model S would be made a right hand drive car so as to cater to the countries that have a policy
to only register cars that are right-hand drive

@ nsmartinsg:

WTF? You don't need to check anything!!

Of course Model S will be build right hand drive. Just like Roadster was build right hand drive for left hand traffic countries....

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