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Auto Transporters

Planning to ship my MS to Palm Desert later this winter and looking for transporter recommendations. Last year used Plycar (covered transport around $1,200) and was satisfied but very pricey. This year car is opti-coted and protected (last year brand new and I wanted a closed carrier). Recommendations/comments?

From where?


I used Red Carpet Auto Transport Inc last January for the same trip. It was an open trailer and the car was pretty dirty when it arrived but no damage. I did have then put it on top figuring no big stuff would make it that high. I wish it could have not been the first car on top. I think being the second one would have been better.

I think it cost $750.

Last march I was considering how to transport my second Model S from Washington to Las Vegas. My first thought was to ask the Bellevue store who they use to move their cars FROM California and contact them since they are probably headed back south empty. However, I finally decided that it would make a good road trip and just drove the car down. It took three days and that was before the two new Super Chargers in Centralia and Woodburn which would make the northern leg much easier.

There is a recent thread with extensive descriptions of a trip from Seattle to Scottsdale that is a more recent experience. Of course he did his in an 85 with twin chargers.

I am having a Tesla shipped from CA to WA with Passport Transport. They are not cheap as they use covered trailers. However, maybe they would offer you a better price so as not to drag an empty trailer back down south. May be worth a call.

We use Cascade Vehicle Shipping for a 65 Mustang to and from AZ to Seattle. Either covered or not available.
I want to do the drive in our MS when we can get thru OR and into the bay area. Zero cost to get to SW AZ.

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