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Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

#6927. 48


I'll be 72 when I get my Model S.


I am 57.
Average age going up!

I am 33, but probably 34 by time it arrives...

44 but will be 45 by the time I take delivery p7498 :(

Thank you, DickB; I am #2 at 59. Delivery of SSL#40 scheduled for 8/28!

54 - had my MLC at 40 when I got my Mercedes. More excited about this car



Ok, you will be 72 when you get your S way before I get mine (P7214). I already have S envy. Are you in the Bay area? You can show your S off to me.I won't mind. I am hoping somehow that my car shows up for my birthday in December.

47 when I get mine (P5653)

I'd better get mine before I'm 73. I'm 71 now.

39 by the time I get mine.

I think the Tesla Club site may have done a poll already. I can't locate it right now. Nonetheless, I'll be 67 by Dec. when I hope to get p3807.

P6997 I am 44

I'm 70 years young....and hoping for delivery by my next birthday (P9001).

Canada P157....I shall be 64 next January 21st.

I live in Massachusetts, about 20 miles north of Boston. Will be 72 this August the 25 and the Model S to be delivered 11/2012.


I turned 59 yesterday.

Can't wait to drive this thing. :-)

P5801. I am 42.

OK kiddies, P2884 is 77.

S914 and I'm 31.

EU SIg 52 Age 58

I dont own an S yet. S #7667

43 and still trying to figure out how I will afford it... I live well but tight budget.

Also looking at RAV4 EV, but it seems to be not as good bang for the buck vs the model S.

The regular RAV4 is in 20k range and RAV4 EV is 49k... a bit big of a jump...

The model S is only 20k more than Rav4EV once you add options.

I am saving my pennies so by 1st quarter 2013 I hope to get my model S.

P3703, I'm 26.

I am 34. My reservation is #6806 and live in Boston. I hope to get it by March.

May be all the Boston area folks should meetup sometime.

43.5 by my October delivery date...


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