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AWD Model S

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but anyone hazarding a guess about how long it will be before we have an AWD Model S? It would be freaky fast to 60 with two motors, and the AWD combined with the low CoG would make it limpet-like. The weird bit of the frunk that is tucked under the dash looks like it is ready and waiting to be filled with the 2nd motor.

Would make a BMW M5 look like a bus.

Can I reserve one now, please?

If TM makes an AWD model S, they may loose sales of AWD model X. TM has to thoroughly test their AWD system before adding it as an option on the model S. Perhaps when TM starts producing the model X, they will offer an AWD model S.

I wonder if there are frame structural constraints on the S; IAC, since anyone purchasing a 60kwh+ S could get a similar X for about the same price, and then add the dual-motor price bump (whatever it turns out to be), there's probably not much net demand left for a straight S AWD.

I would like to turn that around: if there were straight on AWD S then there would not be much demand for Model X. They really eat each others market share. Model X biggest competition is Model S (and vice versa).

I would really love an AWD S, but I'm not going to wait for it, especially considering it may never come.

"...there's probably not much net demand left for a straight S AWD"

I don't know about that. I think you're saying that if someone wanted AWD, and the price for an AWD X was about the same, then they would most likely choose the X. That's certianly not true in my case. I just don't like SUV's.

"eat each others market share"

And why is this is a problem? This sounds like no problem at all. What we're saying is that if that the two vehicles had all of the same features, except of course the obvious: the X would have larger seating and storage capacity and more interior space, and the S has a leaner profile, they people would more likely be able to choose the vehicle they prefer without having to sacrifice a feature they want.

Since Tesla makes both vehicles, that doesn't sound like a problem at all.

If all of the features were the same (within reason, obviously), there are some people who would prefer a sedan and some who would prefer an SUV.I don't think sales cannabilazation would harm the success of one vehicle or the other.

I would surely like to get an AWD Model S so I really hope that TM will make this as an option.

I want to see the performance of the RWD Model S in winter road conditions before I make a call on AWD. I love the simplicity of RWD, and in 99% of the situations, AWD adds little (for my driving) other than weight. That 1% can be important, even life-saving.

Every car company that offers a SUV/Cross-over also has sedan alternatives; both offerings appear to be successful, without crippling capabilities of one to steer customers to the other.

It appears to my eye that the Model S chassis could easily be put onto the AWD skateboard. It would cut into the frunk space, eliminating the tunnel and probably squeezing into the "bowl" a bit. I expect to see, therefore, an AWD Model S available for delivery in 2014, at the same time the AWD Model X general production begins.

I was thinking of an AWD S like the M5 - a low volume, high price, v niche car. A few hundred units a year. Not enough to compromise the Model X sales. A platform where TM can push the latest premium technology - head up displays, laser lights, über torque motors, lithium air batteries, before they go mainstream.

I would definitely opt of the AWD version of the Model S if it was offered!

olan and nick;
I think the arithmetic Timo is referring to with "eat each other's sales" means that TM has to count as unique customers ONLY the added total that having the new model brings. So, you need to consider the sales total of the new variant as being partly composed of people who would not have bought any of the existing line without that new entry, and partly people who would have "settled" for one of the existing line. ONLY the former are "new". Perhaps there is some immediate benefit from higher margin on the new offering, but that's heavily offset, or even more than cancelled, by the design, tooling, and other associated costs of a new product.

There's one major benefit of the "new", of course -- it's new-s (news) and buzz, which is publicity and attention and added sales. This is part of what boost the "combined total" sales, which is the real top line that ultimately feeds the bottom line.

An AWD Model S is a no brainer. I would prefer that since I drive thru snow in the winters. If Tesla has the system down, they should offer it right now to us. It would bring in more money too. I dont feel the "X" sales would be affected by it either.

How much would the AWD drive option be? $2K or more? I do like the idea of the front motor being geared to highway speeds and the rear being geared for off the line acceleration.

The AWD option requires an extra motor, transaxle and electronics (inverter, etc.) as well as a front axle redesign. All this for $2K? I doubt it.

I'm planning on buying a S & X, and would prefer both have AWD!

My guess is the AWD option is a minimum of $10k.

I'd love to have an AWD Model S, even if the "frunk" luggage space would have to be given up. Being a range junkie who travels frequently between the Sacramento area and Reno, there would be no need to chain up going over the Sierras, since vehicles with AWD are usually waived through the checkpoints. Ideally the AWD option would be part of a performance and air suspension package, since the front motor provides faster acceleration anyway. In snowy conditions you would just raise the shocks and keep on driving. While this feature may cannibalize some sales of the Model X, it would also boost sales of the Model S (the Model X stands on its own as a great people/luggage hauler with or without AWD). If the Roadster traction control system is any indication, Tesla's AWD should be a fantastic technology.


I would love AWD, but I can't wait. I want, I want!

Just to give balance to Robert's 10k guess which has been repeated in many threads including my thread on cost projections, I will put out my guess which is 5k. See the above thread if you want my reasoning. Sorry to cross post, but its a lot to repeat.

I have a reservation for the S and X. At this point I am inclined to wait and not purchase until/unless the model s gets AWD. If they started offering the AWD option in the S in the first round, which is doubtful, I think they would see a lot more initial reservations converted to purchases during this critical period and less people waiting or migrating to model x. especially if they were able to offer it in the 5k range.

Budget for $10k, hope for $5k. :-)

More options probably means more sales, not less. Does offering a white car eat into sales of the red?

I guess if I want delivery in months, not years, then I'll be seeing about snow tires and RWD. Still, if they've got the software for the rearview cameras while driving, can I have cameras wired into the outside mirrors with the X dashboard software to run them? I can wait a few months for the software installation.

I'm a big fan of Audi Quattros (A6, A4, I don't like SUVs, well the X is changing that, I'm digressing...), so no need to say that I would love an AWD version of the S. Can I wait for it to happen ?... Probably not. Then again I'm Europe, so I will have to wait until next year anyway, so who knows...

In terms of price, like Robert.Boston, I would plan for 10k and hope for 5k.

AWD is an option I never personally use, and why would Tesla want to cannibalize sales of the Model X to a AWD Model S? That doesn't make any business sense to me!

@BYT "AWD is an option I never personally use, and why would Tesla want to cannibalize sales of the Model X to a AWD Model S? That doesn't make any business sense to me!"

Good sales of the model s are what create the healthy financial foundation for all the following models, quite the opposite of cannibalizing. The amount of R&D $ that went into developing the model s platform had to be pretty extreme for a very new car company. All future cars that use the same platform as the model s such as the x will have a much lower R&D cost and therefore will have a higher profit margin.

The sales of the model S will make or break the company. Every car that follows will be that much easier from a financial perspective. Tesla has done a nice job of creating an extremely attractive car from many perspectives with the model s so my money is on their success. Still they are definitely not out of the woods. They need to do everything they can to get past these early stages looking like the rock stars they deserve to be.

Does the Quattro A7 cannibalize the Quattro Q7? Some, perhaps, but the car market is so big that most incremental sales will be won against competing ICE vehicles.

The RWD aspect of the Model S was almost enough to tip me against the car; living where I do, icy roads are frequent (well, except this year), and it took some convincing for me to understand that Tesla's RWD will handle these conditions. I can well imagine, though, that there's a big chunk of the auto buying populace who has it drilled into their heads that AWD is what you need in ice and snow, and many of these buyers have no interest in a big SUV/crossover. In those markets, offering the Model S only with RWD will limit sales.

"Budget for $10k, hope for $5k. :-)"

You mean budget for 5k or plan for RWD :-()

Would placing the electric motor in the front or under the "frunk" of the Model S be the solution for some then?

I'm sure that the AWD Model S will be built on exactly the same platform as the AWD Model X -- Tesla's strategy is to maximize commonality of parts between the two vehicles. The front motor and linkages will eat into the frunk. (The Model X prototype didn't have that channel at the back of the frunk, likely because of the placement of the front motor.)

Speaking of the "frunk", in the UK they call a trunk a "boot". So that would make it a "froot"?

Love the idea of an AWD model S, hope it will become a reality.

I seriously doubt we'll see an AWD S until long after the X becomes established. I just don't see Tesla "robbing Peter to pay Paul" that way.

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