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AWD Model S

And air suspension functionality will be restored. Will calm a lot of people.

Actually finally an upgrade, allowing manual setting of speed and height tresholds. Great. Also staying in the setting you set it to. Tesla
listened to suggestions.

The current model S has the spot saved in the Fruck for future addition of front drive in new model releases. That space is right where the front motor sits on the current X chassis skate board.

The all wheel drive S is an obvious follow on after the all wheel drive X. Pre orders late 2014 with deliveries mid to late 2015 is still my prediction.

Tesla needs new things at least yearly to keep interest stoked but does not want new products to impact the release of other new products.

All these new products will create a much needed used car market that spreads adoption leading up to the release of the E.

I wonder if sales of the X are slower than anticipated and have anything to do with this. I was thinking about the X, but I just don't see how the falcon doors would work out here with our frequent snows. I already get enough snow on the seats when I open a conventional door. I did't want to have to clean off the roof each time I wanted to open a back door.

Elon recently stated (watch the videos from Munich and Amsterdam) : AWD Model S not coming soon.

If it happens it won't happen before 2016.

@Roamer: don't Fruck with the Frunk, it may get annoyed.

Elon said something a bit different about MS AWD in Oslo--I'd say he was hinting at 2015.


I watched the events last week in Germany and the Netherlands.
I don't recall whether it was Elon or JB, but one of them said there would be no AWD Model S.

It must have been JB because he started talking about the engineering of the AWD for the Model X and how it will be superior to anything else on the market due to the benefits of electric drive and other factors.

I have never heard anyone from Tesla waver from the position that there will not be an AWD drive Model S.

Maybe they are saving it for their "Supercar".

Elon said to look for the AWD MS when the MX releases or a bit after.

I was told it is in the works by the Dallas Service Center Manager as well. The reason the winter weather Frunk floor mat and the Frunk organizer do not fit in the newest Model S. The newer Model S has 1 1/2" less depth in that space to make from for the AWD front unit.

I had asked if they were ever going to get any more of the Frunk organizers in stock and he said they ran out of them very fast and they didn't want to make any more until they got the new size. The original Frunk organizer would stick out about 1 1/2" instead of fitting flush with the wider front section. And he said the winter weather floor mats curve up the wall by a couple of inches because of the shallower niche.

An AWD Model S would kill the sales of the Model X...why would Tesla do that? They'd most likely need the AWD feature to launch the Model X and keep it a separate market from the MS.

There would definitely be some cannibalization, but it certainly would not kill X sales.

I just changed my MS "preferred delivery date" to Feb. 2015. 'Think I can add AWD if they haven't issued me a VIN yet?

JB and Elon's best European performance was before a massive crowd in Oslo. Elon was pretty coy, but he was pretty clear on Model S getting AWD. I also watched snippets from Amsterdam and Munich, I think, which were notable for their frustratingly inane questions. The Oslo version is worth the 90 minutes.

S and X will be cross-shopped, but those who want to buy a 7 (adult)seat SUV, won't go for the S regardless of how many wheels push the car around.

Look for the soccer moms, reluctant minivan owners and (some) truck buyers to take the leap for the X.

i believe he also mentioned a bigger battery "sometime next year" in oslo in addition to dancing around the AWD S

what's wrong about canibalizing or cross-shopping AWD Model X and S? Both cars will have similar price and profit per car should be roughly the same so I can't see what's the problem and why not to make AWD Model S??

The problem will be cost higher on X if the demand is low since they have to have a completely different line of production

@ DallasTXModelS,

I believe the reason the frunk "box" is shallower is because Tesla moved the DC-to-DC converter in the front of the car to a new location. This has been well discussed over at TMC forums. It's speculated that the reason for moving this component was to make it easier and faster for fire crews to gain access to the battery in the event of a fire.

Bernard Hong,

Not completely different car. Most of components are same. I expect X to sell more than S at least for a while.

One thing that the X will have to have that the MS doesn't is exploding hinge bolts for the falcon doors. In order for Mercedes to sell their SLS in the United Staes, they had to install chrges in the hinges in order to be able to open/remove the doors in the event of a roll over. I would imagine the X will have to have the same. I don't know about anyone else, but a X would not fit in my garage with the doors up, or up enough to make for easy egress. I am sure this will be a deciding/limiting factor for those thinking of buying one.


I assume that the Service Center manager that told me knows what was moved and to where more than any owners discussing speculation on this or the teslamotorsclub forum. I didn't ask for that information I asked if the organizer was ever going to be back in stock. He said how much the back wall was moved forward and said it was for AWD.

I forget that many of the people on this forum know much more about Tesla than actual Tesla employees.

@ DallasTXModelS,

I was simply sharing information with you, as a possible alternative hypothesis. I'm not sure what is prompting your sarcasm and defensiveness. I wasn't challenging you or anything, just sharing. Wow.

last time I was at the service center(Van Nuys CA); they told me that the tesla owners usually know more than they do!

My service manager said the same thing. He told me that he and his technicians actually hang out in the forums and learn a lot. Take that for what it's worth. :)


Many of us have been at this a lot longer than most of the service people. ;-)


Most of us have had some "questionable" information at one time or another from the service people. They do a good job, but some of YOU owners here are obsessed ;)

When you look at the Model X blogs there is a thread detailing why people chose to order an X and the vast majority of folks list AWD at or near the top of their list of reasons. I think if there was an AWD S today, there would be a lot fewer X reservations. I only had an SUV because I needed more room than my sedan could offer Now that my S holds more than my SUV and handles better in the snow, I have no reason to own it anymore. I also think the S looks a hell of a lot better than the X or any other SUV. While the X may carry 7 adults, most people shopping for a minivan or SUV are trying to carpool kids. The S can easily handle 5 kids, just as many as the X. The X will appeal to some folks, but an AWD S is very compelling.

I watched all the recent european videos. Elon and JB contradicted themselves. Elon did say that AWD Model S would come "not any time soon, maybe around the time Model X launches". At a different event it was stated that there would be no AWD on Model S.

Conspiracy or cock up? I think they are probably engineering an AWD version, but have yet to decide whether to bring it to market.

Elon was very clear in one response that the main reason for choosing X vs S was really styling, performance, and seating capacity. Want low-slung sportiness? Model S. Want more capacity, flexibility and are happy to tolerate higher CoG and slightly worse performance, go with Model X.

@AmpedUp - they've been super accomodating so far up to the point when you are assigned a VIN. Some people even reported that they had the VIN assigned, but because they hadn't built it out yet, they were still able to change it.

@Tezzla - that's pretty sad!

@Nick - yeah, I noticed that he stopped JB almost mid-sentence to assert that capacity and flexibility, SUV versus sedan are the reasons to choose the X.

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