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Baby Car Seats

Just learned that the Tesla S (as well as the Tesla X for that matter) is designed with a second row latch system for three baby car seats. This is great news for me, since the only second row cars on the market that have three sets of latches seem to be minivans.

I cannot find the quote, but I remember reading that when using three baby seats simultaneously, the two side seats can use the LATCH anchors, while the middle one uses the seatbelt.

Indeed, very practical!

GM cars have LATCH anchors, so there are definitely vehicles out there with LATCH besides minivans.

I cannot find the quote, but I remember reading that when using three baby seats simultaneously, the two side seats can use the LATCH anchors, while the middle one uses the seatbelt. (jeeps17)

It's in the "Model S Safety Information", page 9:

All cars are required to have LATCH. Very few have 3 sets of lower anchors. The Model S is strange in this way. While it does indeed have 3 sets of lower anchors, according to the manual: "Although LATCH anchorage points are provided at all three rear seating positions, you can only use two at the same time. To seat three children, use a non LATCH-retained child safety seat in the middle."

No idea why.

Ah, I see. It only has 5 anchors, not 6. You can have seats on the right side and center, but the left side and center share an anchor, so you can't have both at once.

Why don't they put the latch in the back where the two child seats is supposed to be? It would be much more convenient. Then you can select the brand and size that suits YOUR children rathr than standard seats that suits no one or very few.

Since we are on this topic.
Has anyone put a rearward facing seat (no2, 9-18 or 2-25kg) in a Model S ? And if so, what type and how is the space for the front seat?

This image came to my mind... No idea whether it helps you any, but it looks nice:

Acura MDX has 3 latch inserts on 2nd row seat.

Nice, shows that there is space for 3 seats at once.

But as for my comment, I was wondering about the legroom in front seats if the chairs face the other way.

@EK -- I haven't tested it, but I do have the same carseat shown in the picture -- the Combi Cocorro. It's one of the most compact seats out there and I bought it to fit in my MINI Cooper.

Rear-facing in the MINI is pretty tight for front legroom. I'm 5' 7" and it was even tight for me. Front-facing was fine, btw.

Since I think the S has somewhat more seat-to-seat room than the MINI (I can't seem to find that dimension though), I'd expect it to be slightly more comfortable. However, if you're six inches taller than me with long legs, it might be tight.

As with any sedan or smaller car, I doubt a lot of other car seats would work terribly well (i.e., don't plan on using a Britax).

You can tell that a baby has never occupied any of those seats :-)
But they sure look nice against the tan interior.

I believe jumpseats are quite different; these resemble racing seats, with 5-point harness etc. Elon/TM put a lot of attention on them; he has triplet and twin boys!

We took delivery of our Model S in late June. We have two children in car seats... my 7 year old is in a high back booster and my 5 year old is in a 5 point harness convertible car seat which would be used as a booster seat later. In the past, the children traveled in our MB R350 but I don't want to give up the Model S for the R350 to take the kids somewhere, so I decided to have car seats in my Model S.
For the Model S, we looked for a narrow 5 point harness car seat and a narrow high back booster so the center seat can still be used if/when needed. We have liked Britax car seats in the past but searched for a narrower seat and ordered a Radian RXT Convertible 5 point harness car seat and a Britax Parkway SGL for the booster. The Britax Parkway SGL was simple to install and is well suited for our 7 year old. The Radian RXT was heavy and cumbersome to install. The LATCH straps were short so I had to sit in the car seat and push on the car seat in order to attach the LATCH straps. There is one upper tether strap on the Radian RXT which has to be routed over the headrest which compresses the headrest. The height of the backrest also limited my visibility out of the rear window. The Radian is well built and a quality product but I feel that it is over engineered. We replaced the Radian RXT with a Britax Frontier 90. It was simple to install and has a upper tether that routes around the headrest. The Britax is slightly wider than the Radian RXT but like it better.

I just checked my car. Here is what it has:

At the back of the seat there are three latches for the top seat straps.

In the front there are 5 anchor points that make it easy to have:

a) one seat at any position (left, middle, right)

b) two seats: one in the right and one in either middle or left.

c) two seats sharing one anchor point (if possible) in the left and middle positions

d) three seats with the left and middle sharing the anchor point between them, if possible.

e) three seats with left and right using LATCH and the one in the middle using regular seat belts.

You do have to be cautious about the width of these seats. Some are really wide and you may not be able to fit three of those in the car nicely. I have a toddler sear in the right and wanted to use two boosters (middle, left) but could not nicely as they would sit on the higher edges of the Tesla bench and would not be level.

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