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Bad Design : Front End Collision = Expensive Repairs

Upon close up inspection on Model S prototype on display, I noticed the front end is a very poorly thought out design. Although the front end styling looks nice aesthetically with influence from Aston Martin's original design ($$$), the hood extends all the way to the front end above the grille without separate bumper section. During front end collisions, the hood will get easily damaged together with the grille and front body panel. I also imagine of rumors that the charging port will also be hidden inside the front grille. This will be a very expensive repair cost potentially considering it's made of alluminum. I'd rather have a front panel with grille and bumper as one section for impact (crumple) zone that can be easily replaced at low cost, rather than having to also replace the hood as well. Who knows how much it will cost to also replace the front charging port? With similiarites to Maserati's front end design, Maserati has done a good job designing their front end without exposing the hood to the front end.

I hope Tesla rethinks this major design flaw for avoiding expensive front end collision repair costs. They should reconsider affordable lower costs with minimum parts replacement for mass target market potential.

DSM- You know, that is a very poor judgement on an ill advised moderator from other forum to impose a ban on me, based on wrong illogical assumptions and false accusations on trolling for no reasons. It's simply ludicrous, absurd with sheer stupidity! What exactly did I do to get a ban??? Do you think I like to spend 24hrs a day on the net forum and waste my time with your BS? The way you guys treated me, I will permenantly delete my account and never ever go back there again, if that makes you guys happy! I have better things to do with my life, while I wait for my upcoming Model S than dealing with a bunch of paranoid anti-EV conspiracy-minded freaks at your other forum! I will use this official Tesla forum instead than your other garbage wannabe forum full of negative paranoid freaks that I have ever encountered. Your attitude obviously speaks for itself too. You guys at that forum are history.

So I don't know why you want me banned here as well? What exactly did I do here this time? Am I not allowed to express and share my opinion here? Do you think Tesla will ban me because I am one of their customers too.

Douglas- Yes that is how much the insurance I pay for my 2 cars + a Ferrari cost $1800 for 6 mths + winter storage. I know it is very high, that's why I want to get rid of both Infiniti and Benz, when I get Model S to replace them with electric technology. I am curious which insurance company are you with with to receive such low rates, if you don't mind?

You have the right to post here but you continue to cross post your bumper theory in multiple areas. Even in threads that have nothing to do with your expensive bumper design flaw theory. You may have a valid point but one thread is enough. It's actually your attitude which is the problem and caused you to get banned. Just look at everyone's response to your posts.

DSM - Excuse me! I only posted on this main Tesla official forum, plus on special thread for Franz to answer questions and that other crap forum you speak of full of freakazoids! Are you telling me that official Tesla forum and your other crap forum are the same forum as one? I don't think so, as I have an impression that they are both separate forums. I was not intentionally spamming on the same forum multiple times as you guys wrongly accused me of? I think you guys are overreacting and whining for such a stupid silly little fuzz for no apparent reasons at all. You guys acting like whining kids need to grow up. I could careless about being banned from other forum because it's a worthless forum full of immature uneducated freaks that's not worth my time. I have a better professional career credentials than you guys with connections in the F1 Racing and exotic car industry. So I am going to move on. You guys can dream on about owning a Model S.

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All -
I do apologize to others who are not part of this unfortunate incident for going off topic on this thread with recent hostile postings that has gone too far in an unprofessional manner. I never expected to be dealing with abnormally odd behaviour on Tesla forums. I do share great interest in Tesla Model S with you all future owners and wish you all the best. I know it's hard to be patient for being on a waiting list for so long. I may see some of you at Tesla events in the future after our cars are built and delivered next year.

Thank you. Glad you're moving on but I don't think your work is done. People need to be informed about the front bumper issue.

Just to comment: Model S furthest point in front is traditional steel bumper covered by that ugly fake grille.

Boron infused steel bumper.

direct quotes " It's simply ludicrous, absurd with sheer stupidity!"
"dealing with a bunch of paranoid anti-EV conspiracy-minded freaks"
"that other crap forum you speak of full of freakazoids! "
"I think you guys are overreacting and whining for such a stupid silly little fuzz for no apparent reasons at all. You guys acting like whining kids need to grow up"
"I think something is wrong with your IQ and you are simply smokin crack! "

You know, I take it back and apologize. You were very even-keeled and calm the entire time.

dsm, cytek, can you stop it, please? Your little flame war here doesn't really help the subject. Instead of becoming personal, just ignore and move on. Thanks. (The one who first does not respond, wins! ;-)

Do you not put luggage in the front hood of this car ?
What do you think is around that compartment ?
I am sure the front end will be able to resist 3mph.
Human walking speed is between 4.51 km/h to 5.43 km/h .
If a car is made with the though of carrying 7 people , the safty guidelines are different so is the crash test rating as well.
It would also be for a "electric car" with less moving parts not the infiniti or the benz with more .
The chevy volt or the nissan leaf ,you should check the rapairs on those ,which is far less for electric cars .

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