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Barstow to kingman vs Barstow Las Vegas kingman

What is best

Many have come into Kingman on fumes, me included. Shorter but requires due attention.

There was that story of the reporter who didn't make it when he went via 40. It is shorter but a long climb up. Go slow and monitor your mileage if you go that way.

Have made the trip 3 times in my 85. It's very doable but you do have to monitor your buffer. Since the distance and elevation change are knowns, only need to adjust for the headwind (or lack thereof). If you must be petal to the metal for the run - then not the best option.

It's not flower power; it's petal-free.

It's the "goose" pedal to the metal.

I'm going to be going from Los Angeles to Durango, Co. starting this Sunday. It all looks very doable. The only big issue imho is the Barstow to Kingman segment. I have the 85 battery. Should I charge to 100% when I get to Barstow and how fast should I go from there to Kingman? I'll be in range mode and I know I have to watch the dashboard to keep track of my kWh number for the Barstow charge and try to keep it in the 285 range. But you folks that have done this run, what's your experience as to the best speed to cruise at before the uphill into Kingman? Or would it just be wiser to go to Vegas and then to Kingman?


I made the same trip, only in reverse. I max charged at Kingman to 270 and arrived at Barstow with 32 miles in reserve. The major difference is that there is a modest climb into Kingman the last 15 miles or so. The wind was gusting to 15-20 the night that I drove across.

Others have made this journey; just drive about 63-64 across Interstate 40 until you get through the hills east of Kelbaker Rd. Compare your remaining actual miles per the navigation system to the rated range on your slider.

Once you feel comfortable with your rated range remaining versus the actual mileage to your destination, you can increase your speed accordingly.

Tomorrow we attempt Kingman to Barstow in a 85. Max charge gives us about 260 miles. Can we do this and if so, are there any speed considerations or requirements. Seems like with the descent from Kingman, we should make it with about 20 miles to spare.
Any suggestions are welcome.

I would suggest that you be careful on the first half of the leg. When we did Kingman-Barstow last March, we were facing a wicked headwind with an approaching front. (You know you are bucking strong winds when your juice meter is bouncing around on cruise and you can also feel it push you hard.)

I figured the only way to make it was to take Route 66 from Kingman to Oatman, AZ. (This cuts off I think around 9 miles) There are lots of wild burros in Oatman and this route is scenic and you can drive real slow.

We arrived in Barstow with 29 miles after bucking severe headwinds from Needles all the way to Barstow. I did not drive over 60mph the entire leg. It was a bad day to make this trip, but we made it.

Move those temp SCs to Primm!

In addition to the above suggestions, if this is possible please program your NAV system to get you to the Barstow Supercharger even though you know where it is.

The reason: The NAV will tell you how many miles are between you and the Supercharger. Watch your battery gauge closely and compare the miles left to the Barstow SC to the miles left on your battery. Do what is necessary such that Battery miles left > miles to Barstow SC.

Range charge in Barstow and set cruise control to 65. I did that run in April, and with about 75 miles to go I was way ahead, so I sped up to 75 and arrived with 21.

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