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Battery Range - Performance in the Real World

I need some help/input from the “Forum.” Perhaps Roadster owners can advise me from their hands on experience. I am trying to decide between the 160 or 230 mile range battery.

1. Am I correct, the Roadster and ‘S’ batteries are roughly the same?
2. The factory uses the 245 mile range for the Roadster. What is your real world mileage range in daily driving?
3. After a couple of years what percentage decrease in range and performance have you experienced?

Also, I understand the faster I drive and the more accessories I use will reduce the range. I am not a racer but I do enjoy a spirited drive. I will likely have the air conditioner or heater, audio, and other accessories on. The 160 range battery will satisfy 80% of my daily driving needs but if the real world range and age degrade the actual range to under 120, I may need to step up to the 230.

Thanks for your help.

You sound like the type who will turn off TC and loudly burn rubber, actually!


I still wonder why you would tow a car that is out of gas. Wouldn't it be easier just to put some gas in? :)

Slightly off track. I believe Ford is using the new Michelin Energy Saver A/S tire on their new Focus EV. I doubt Tesla will go with this specific tire as they will likely be stressing performance over other considerations. But it might shed a sliver of light on the wheel/tire/320 debate( ?)

Michelin claims:
Energy Saver Construction combined with the use of a special type of tread rubber keeps the tire running cooler, increasing fuel efficiency & reducing CO2 emissions. (I assume this ICE oriented)

MaxTouch Construction™ maximizes tire contact with the road & evenly distributes forces of acceleration, braking and cornering resulting in longer wear-life.

Advanced silica tread compound provides all-season traction and no-compromise wet braking.

I was reading up on the upcoming release (Dec. 2011) of the Ford Focus Electric (100 mile range) which is Ford’s answer to the Nissan Leaf with ‘only’ a $40K MSRP! Ford is also releasing their small truck-van Transit Connect Electric with the same battery-motor as the Focus.

Mycroft and friends.

I understood the definition of paradigm. My remark was a commentary on the high level of intelligence that is exhibited on the Forum.

There are a number of brilliant people on the Forum. Makes sense, a state of the art EV would attract this caliber of audience. I am reasonably smart , but many of you are ‘rocket scientists. ‘ I am very impressed. What I am saying is it feels good knowing smarter people feel the same way I do about the “S” – I think.

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