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Battery tech

Hello all.

Just read from autobloggreen about some new battery manufacturer called "Planar Energy". (

They seem to have tech for pretty good Wh/kg batteries. From one of their pdf (

"One of them combines lithium manganese oxide with other ions, and operates at about three to five volts with a charge capacity of 200 milliamp hours per gram."

Calculating that as 3.5V * 200mAh/g you get 700mWh/g or 700Wh/kg. to put that in right context: Roadster battery: 450kg. Drop 30% off as supporting structure: 315kg battery * 700 = 220.500kWh battery. Nearly four times as much as current tech is. That would allow roadster to go 200 * 4 = 800 miles with one charge.

It is the same thing as the later of those two discussions. (First is not the same). "in which solid particles are suspended in a carrier liquid and pumped through the system". That's exactly what is being referenced in that later one. That same sentence is actually from this link referenced there:

And this is the actual scientific article:

Here's another candidate; graphene capacitors, similar "density" to LiIon (I assume energy density) and 3X the speed.

A123 -- swirling, swirling ... the gurgles are becoming deafening. Will it take Fisker down before Fisker takes it down?

In Science article it says "The LSG-EC can exhibit energy densities of up to 1.36 mWh/cm^3" which is 0.00136Wh/cm^3 which is again 1.36Wh/L. A bit less than one hundredth of Li-ions.

Still very far from Li-ions in capacity. Power density is a lot higher (like same ratio but other way around).

Rather than start a new battery thread, I'll recharge this one.

The current battery problem I am having are the dead batteries in two GM ICE vehicles due to lack of use. After a month or two of exclusive enjoyment of the Tesla Model S, the old gas vehicles wouldn't start and now must have trickle chargers on both of of them.

Time to sell the dusty unused cars! Until then, a 5 minute engine run once a month is a good preventive measure. If it's good enough for a Volt to run it's engine once a month, I figure it's a good idea for the unused ICE cars. A longer drive will be needed to "empty" the gas tank at least once a year.

@Mark Z

Volt doesn't run it's engine once a month but does do a maintainance burn after a longer period of non-use. Not an issue unless you are blindly chasing an ideal.

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