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Bellevue service center opening soon

FYI - I was checking out the website today (1-30-2013) and ran across the info that Bellevue will be getting a service center in the future! It will be nice for all of us Eastsiders so we don't need to make the trek into Seattle for service and it will mean quicker service response time with two centers in our metro area. If you go to the map and make sure the button 'Service Centers' is clicked, you will se a coming soon icon over Washington state. Click on it for details of the Bellevue Service center.

It will be located at: 13242 NE 16th St, Bellevue WA 98005

I was at the Seattle Service Center yesterday taking delivery of my car, and asked the DS if he knew when the Bellevue Service Center would open. He didn't have a firm date but said definitely by the end of the year.

Yeah that will be more convenient for me, and probably for the Seattle guys too, since it seems like they barely have enough room now that they have to handle Roadsters and the Model S. Though, James at the Seattle service center mentioned that they will probably end up moving to a larger location in Seattle too at some point in the future.

I drove by the Bellevue Service center location this morning. It is in use now! Tesla is using it as a staging location for cars. There were at least 15 car's waiting outside for delivery to customers!

I didn't look inside the building, so there could have been more cars inside the warehouse as well. However, I don't think they are servicing cars there yet. Tesla probably has to finish setting it up as a service center and then hire the additional staff to be able to work on cars.

This is total speculation on my part, but I would guess it will be between 3 to 6 months to get the location ready to service cars. So potentially by the summer people on the East side of Lake Washington won't have to cross the lake to get to a Tesla Service Center.

I picked up my vehicle yesterday (Feb. 14) at the Bellevue Center. Happy day! I was told they just acquired the facility and still need to put a lot of work into it to Teslafy it. Currently, the location is old and a little hard to find because it is hidden behind a towning company and some other offices. But once they get the place fully operational, it will be great having a service center on the Eastside.

picking up mine there tomorrow-the 16th!


How was the delivery? Did they spend the time to go over everything comprhensively?

@PattiT & Laryrob

Would you please post a list of the colors that you saw when you picked up your S at the Bellevue service center.

I just finalized 2 hours ago and would really like to see a Model S in the color I picked.

Many Thanks.

Spoke with a tech at the Seattle Service Center today and he estimated the Bellevue facility would be ready to service cars in about 2 months.

I was there on Thursday picking mine up, too. Frankly it's pretty dingy and the location is ... rough. I'm having a hard time seeing how they're going to make this site in keeping with what the Tesla brand is supposed to embody. On the other hand, the staff there were great and the cars were meticulously cared for.

There were about 40 Model S there ready for delivery. They said they'd just gotten a HUGE shipment in.

Sounds like they decided to rush things a bit to fix the backlog to seattle. Took them 3.5 weeks to ship my car after it was finished due to space limits at the seattle service center. (Picked up at Bell Square Feb 12)

Picked mine up today(2/15) great delivery experience. took time to go over everything: sync all phones and programed everything. Said they had received 70 in the last 10 days! Now is time to get the superchargers on I-5 from CA to BC!

One thing about the Seattle service center is that there is really very little room to maneuver the cars in the shop. The place was clearly designed around the roadster, and it's tough squeezing the big Model S around inside the shop. A larger space would certainly help. They are using a larger garage up the street for storage and deliveries, so maybe that is a future option. I do like the folks working at the Seattle shop, and I feel bad when they are clearly sweating bullets shuttling cars in and out of the shop.

the Bellevue Center is larger with outside storage as well but it wasnt that large a space. hopefully required trips will be few and far between!

This is awesome -- for those of you who have been to the Bellevue Service center, you drive past a drum shop in the parking lot on the way there which is where I work. This'll be crazy convenient for me -- can't wait for the car to arrive mid-July!

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