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Bellevue to Tacoma Road Trip Report with Food Stop

I hope you don't mind a post that mixes car topics with food.

Trip Report

From: Bellevue, 98008
To: 111 North Tacoma Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403

Distance: 75 (RT)

Time: 45 minutes each way
(less if you drive like I do ;)
(more if stuck in traffic :(

(Avoid rush hours)
Speed Limit is 60 mph on I405/I5
I drove with cruise control set between 66-68 mph

kWh info (Round Trip):
147 start
88 consumed
59 remained upon returning home

Stops: 1 - Art House Cafe,, see below

This trip report is meant to serve two purposes.
1. Describe my recent road trip from Bellevue to Tacoma (boring stuff such as kWh used, etc.).
2. Give a shout-out to my new favorite Tacoma restaurant (no affiliation).

Yesterday we drove to a new restaurant my wife found in the August, 2013 Sunset Magazine:
Art House Cafe
111 North Tacoma Ave
Tacoma, WA 98403

Of course, the trip was fun because we drove the Model S and the cafe is well within range of my 40 kWh car.

Street parking was available in front of the cafe. There are large cafe windows that open, and people noticed the car when we arrived. A few friendly locals inquired about the car and we spent some Tesla Time to answer questions.

The Art House Cafe is a little gem that opened about two months ago. The owners operate both the cafe and adjoining art-class studios. On some nights live music is played by local artists. The place is very clean and neat, and colorfully decorated. Our waitress, Leah, was friendly and thorough as she answered our questions and took our order:

*A few items were from the Happy Hour Menu

Watermelon Salad ($10)
Spicy Prawns* ($8)
Brioche Bites* ($5)
Lamb Slider* ($8)
House Salad* ($3)
Lavender Lemon Drop ($8)

The menu is not huge but we found many (too many!) great items. We wanted to order almost all of them and will have to come back another time.

It's difficult to decide which item was best but one favorite was the Brioche Bites. Hot, melt in your mouth bread with cheese and fruit. Amazing!

Everything else was excellent. We were too full to order desert but will come back for that sometime.

So, if you're traveling to/through Tacoma, this is THE place to eat! But please, don't take my parking spot.

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