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Ok, so I'm the Paul Revere for all you Model S Reservation holders. I'm assuming you all just got the e-mail about the Model S Factory Tour and Beta Test Drive in October??!!

So this is amazing news (especially since I live in Oakland). I wasn't expecting it to come so soon.

So who's with me? Who else is planning to attend?

(one small caveat is that we are expecting our first child on October yeah...that could get in the way.)

If there's anyone from Tesla reading this and you want to make sure your #1 fan and un-official sales rep is at the event, please make it END of October. :-)

Hi all,

I got the newsletter on 8/12 stating that the invites are coming in about ten days. Have not received the actual invite to this point. Checked my spam filter and I don't use Verizon.

Anyone else in my shoes? I am 3065 of GP on the waiting list


Traveling from Norway for the event. Sad i can't bring my Roadster.
See you there on 1. Oct !

I recommend you give them a call.

I am local (San Jose) Sig reserver and have a Saturday timeslot.

I had no idea they split it across two days and already booked flights for Saturday. I just double checked my confirmation and luckily I am on Saturday at 5pm. I will definitely bring a camera or two.

Got my slot for noon on the second day. Can't wait! Texas in the house! :-)

I'll be there on Saturday. Flying in from Philly on Friday night!

My reservation came for Sunday at 12:00 - and I am coming from Santa Cruz (CA. Actually prefer that day anyway. Can't wait to see it. I am sure they are pretty nervous at Tesla about now! Down to T-30 days until the event. Can't wait!

I wonder if Toyoda will drop in to share an announcement with Elon, and maybe score a gift custom Beta S.


Does anyone have a reservation EARLIER then Saturday 5pm?

My Saturday reservation is at 5PM. Are all of the Sunday ones at noon?

I have an email into the Event staff asking about the possibility of moving mine to Sunday, as it would fit my early Sunday Triathlon *much* better with my 1.25 hour flight from San Diego.

Just received my formal invitation after bugging them a bit. Also received a few answers to my event questions from a customer advocate.

"With regards to the event, here is a bit more information for you:

• The event will feature a Model S Test Ride and Tesla Factory tour.

• Refreshments and appetizers will be served throughout the event and we have taken into account various dietary needs.

• Since customers will be touring an operational production facility, closed toe shoes and comfortable attire is recommended.

• Photography will be allowed in certain areas and official Tesla photos will be published after the event.

• The event will not have a “hard close” time. We plan to provide test rides to all reservation holders who are interested.

• Approximately two to three hours after start of the event, a formal presentation will be provided by a member of Tesla’s executive staff."

Will there be a chance to have more than one ride?

I kinda doubt it, but it's nice to dream :P

Is it possible to live stream or at least post a video of the formal presentation for those of us unable to make the trip to California?

Vawlkus | September 7, 2011 - 4:43am new

Will there be a chance to have more than one ride?

I kinda doubt it, but it's nice to dream :P
Nah, but you should be able to raid the food trays multiple times.

luvly, the HTML tags have stopped working.

My response above begins with "Nah", of course.


Testing italic bold underline

Brian H, the HTML tags are implicitly closed when a new paragraph begins. That's not exactly pure HTML, but it makes a lot of sense b/c people frequently mistype the closing tags, or forget them entirely. It's easy to deal with once you know it -- just enclose each paragraph with the desired formatting tags.

Everything prior to "Nah" was enclosed in the italics tags, and nothing showed.

Brian H, this discussion is seriously OT, but I give it another shot. Breathe calmly and read my posting once again, then have another look at yours. The first paragraph does show italics, so it all makes perfect sense. I, too, was confused when I saw this behavior for the first time, but I did not find it too hard to grasp (and certainly not worth 5 OT posts).

I doubt that it is a matter of automatic closing of tags for each paragraph.

But here's a test.

The first two paras should be italicized.

The last two should be bold.

Blech. They do close automatically. What a stupid system. Utterly inappropriate for the blockquote tag, especially.

Well, I'm glad we got that all cleared up. #movingon

Over 2000 people for test drives on Saturday!!! Didn't get home from work till late today and found every pre-registartion for the test drives booked already. Guess it's the waiting line for me.

I was happy to see Tesla adopt the Disney "Fast Pass" concept for line management, to minimize waiting time. If they take it a step further, I will really be impressed.

Many of the theme parks have a separate line for single riders, that is used to fill up a car without delaying departure of the ride. I presume that each ride-along will take 3 passengers (one in front, and two in back). Some of the attendees will come as 2, and some will come as 1. Without the single rider line, the host will be yelling out to attendees in line "anyone riding alone?", to try and fill the car. This will delay departures, and make everyone wait longer. Either way, I'm glad they have given it some thought already.

I'm also looking forward to the 80 minute factory tour. This is much better than a cursory 15 minute tour. This, combined with the ride-along makes my 2,400 mile trip worth it.

I'm really looking forward to my trip next week, and being in the company of 3,000 "forward thinking people".

Great ideas David! I'm superpumped about the trip too! And, before anybody else does it:


Oh yeah?


Damn It! I was too late to book my reserved time. I guess I'll just show up on the first and hope for the best as I'm already committed for the 2nd.

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