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BETTER green

I wold like to see the GREENest car in the WORLD to have a real GREEN. The test drive had a green car there and it was practically black. I was originally planning to get the green, but would rather see an emerald or a racing green. Anyone else??

British Racing Green exterior and Saddle Leather interior, eh?

That would be a nice combo, imho. Maybe on the 2014 model year.

Jason S--That is exactly what I am looking for!

I was gonna joke that such a combo might make me buy another one of these cars.

But it wouldn't really. Next target is Gen III for me, if I need to get another car in the next 5 years.

I had the same thoughts about the green. It was my top choice until I saw it in the daylight at the test drive event. Even in the bright sun, it looked black with a slight green tint. My new front runner is the Whitewater Pearl.

On the other hand, judging from some photos someone took at the test drive event, the brown seems to be much lighter (and nicer, IMO) than I thought it would be based on the design studio.

Yes, I was thinking the event and photos would probably result in a lot of converts to brown.

Funny, I also was considering the white pearl after the event. British racing green would be perfect! Wish they would do it for this production! I wouldn't mind some other more vibrant options

Have you seen the sunset red? Most vibrant color of the lot and now my favorite. Agree with Aleksandyr that more vibrant colors would be well recieved.

Sunset red was nice. Wife not a fan, need I say more! I guess I have to wait for the new roadster if I want some color. Maybe if I play this right, wife gets model S when I switch to new roadster :D

I agree on the green, it's a shame the early colors are all so dark, I was hoping the blue would have been lighter as well.

White Water Pearl has been my choice for ages....that is until I saw, and then drove the Sunset Red non performance last Sunday - it's just a stunning rocket ship.

GeorgeB told me at the event that BASF, the paint supplier for this red, needs at least 6 months to supply the paint. There's so many steps to produce and no short cuts and that Sunset Red should be ready around April / May 2013.

He was so cool, he genuinely wants each of us to be happy with our choice, yet they have to go through the supply chain steps to do ensure quality.

So if I really want Sunset Red, I have to wait until April / May 2013.... after driving last weekend I'm going with the white....and have that HOV sticker match & blend in nicely :)

BTW, the microfiber seats looked superb and were very comfortable / supportive. Didn't feel they would be an issue with sweat, but also no humidity in CA.

Someone mentioned that Porsche-ists call it "Chase Me" Red. ;) Do you like road tag?

Elon's favorite "color" is black, so maybe he wants all the (non-white/silver) cars to look black(ish) except in full sunlight!

"Yes, I was thinking the event and photos would probably result in a lot of converts to brown."

I'm one of them! I'm switching to brown from green. I remember when the color first was listed; I was thinking who would ever choose that....
I had a sand colored Prius before the dark grey one I have now, and that color never showed dirt. It was wonderful. I'm thinking this brown will be much more forgiving than the green in that regard--something to consider if the car wash is not recommended!

I remember having seen a ton of high quality photo's posted by someone recently which more or less showed all the colours from all kind of angles.

where was that?
It was posted here somewhere?

apologies if this is 'off topic".

I totally disagree. In fact I'm getting the green. It is one of the most Gorgeous Car Greens I've ever seen. It is deep and turns black in low light.

Additionally on the 24th at the Get Amped event virtually everyone commented on how nice the Green appeared, even if another color was their favorite.


vouteb, that link only shows signature red.

I'm getting the green still. Someone mentioned the same thing, in low light it will look black. Kind of cool, but I really wanted a little more color. I was really surprised how dark the blue was as well. They could just increase the hues a bit

I love the current green. Perfect, classy and looks good in varying light.

By the way here is the Green !

Yes in the shade it is dark and almost appears black, which for me is the best of both worlds. A deep Earthly Metallic Green during the day and a formal Black with shimmers of Green when under lights during the night :-)

I can't wait !

Thanks Tesla !


No fluorescent chartreuse? Bummer!

My5bAby--The pictures are beautiful and very helpful; now I just might have to change my mind back to green. You wouldn't have any pictures of the brown, would you? This is why I'm kinda glad that I'm #8554! I can't make up my mind about anything!


I have some links to pictures for the Brown towards the end of the "Tesla test drive questions" topic


My5bAby, I love the brown, but the green wins, hands down! It sounds like you and I are ordering the same car. The tan leather and lacewood with green and silver wheels is just beautiful.





Funny, funny! Just reassure me that the green is not at all olive-toned. Green is my favorite color, but I really dislike a yellow-green, except on plants! In the design studio it has that cast, but in all of the pictures I've seen, it's more blue-green.

I'm not telling you NOTHIN until get off of MY CAR ! ! !

Seriously though, there is no Yellow in this gMetallic Green, maybe hints of Blue shimmer. It was Freaking Awesome !


Green is also my favorite color and it is a calming color, which will be helpful when I'm challenged by other cars or get the urge to speed.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility !


I am clse to your number - P 2026, 85 kwh air susp- any idea when we may be getting our babies?

We reserved a green with tan interior then "crashed" the Fremont test drive to see the color. We have changed our reservation because the green is as already said, "way dark." We would still prefer a green with shimmer....

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