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Beyond battery swapping (way beyond!)

In a recent article about drone aircraft, one manufacturer is claiming they can somehow beam a recharge to the drone's batteries while it is flying. This will allow endless flights!

Tesla could modify and enhance this cutting-edge technology to use roadside towers to detect, track and charge your car while you cruise the freeways and byways. No stopping. Not even any slowing down. No waiting at SC's. No range anxiety. No battery swaps.Your navigation screen would direct you to drive by the nearest tower(s) whenever it felt an instant recharge might be advisable.

When Elon reveals this in one of his forthcoming announcements, remember you heard it here first!

Are you a pilot that flies between MCX and SEA?
Just curious about the nym.
There seems to be lots of pilots buying Teslas.

No, not a pilot, even tho I was the only kid in town with a fully functioning WW2 Link Trainer! Good thing, as I might leave SEA with no idea where MCX is.

Long story but MCX evolved from a nickname. Discovered there were a few other MCX's, so added the suffix to avoid conflicts.

How/where/when did you receive your captain's commission?

Hmm...I wonder if a satellite with HUGE solar panel can "beam" to the MS directly.

Yep, but the narrowness and the intensity of the MW beam would likely parboil you.

The original Tesla--Nikola Tesla--believed such a capability was possible, but despite his genius he was never able to make it work; the losses were simply too great. At the moment, powering a drone aircraft from the ground may be possible, but not necessarily by beaming any kind of electromagnetic beam at it.

For one thing, an aircraft flies above any ground obstacle which makes keeping a beam on target long enough to transfer any real level of energy is much easier. However, were that beam to hit a living target at anywhere near the range to transfer that much energy would likely cook that target on the spot or at the minimum do significant injury to that target's internal organs. You're essentially talking about a super-powered microwave oven with no safety shielding.

Ok, so we'll assume that all cars are capable of shielding their passengers--what about the grasses, trees and wildlife that beam will pass over as it tracks that car? Remember, glass itself is NOT a sufficient screen against microwave-frequency radiation; take a look at the viewing window on your microwave oven.

Maybe you want to use a laser beam. A blue beam offers the highest energy transfer, but it also would carry the highest heat which means any accidental contact with ANYTHING other than the receiver would mean almost instant immolation.

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