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Big Announcement=Leasing

Looks like leasing is here!

Ok, I think I see what hoffa24 is getting at. This has nothing to do with TM's buyback offer. The tax credit gives the first purchaser of a Model S a benefit that is not available to any subsequent purchaser. This is not exactly depreciation, but it does mean that the first purchaser should be willing to pay more than a subsequent purchaser for any given car. This would be true regardless of whether the car is sold back to TM or to a private party.

But Brian is right. If TM's 43% offer is based on the car's retail price (before the tax credit), then it is actually a better offer than that of someone paying 43% of the original purchaser's net cost.

That was my point. It is in the tesla owner's favor and better than the mercedes they are using as a benchmark

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