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"Big design problem" for parents

You know, some kids sleep very well on longer car trips, some even on shorter trips, and some never sleep better than in a moving car. I am convinced that this is directly related to the rolling and rocking of the suspension plus the rattle and rumble created by the ICE.

With the Model S, we have a totally silent ride and practically no rock or roll (or so say those who had an opportunity to test ride). Even the more so with the optional air suspension (which I consider for my Model S). Now, how can we get our kids to sleep in this car? Did anybody at Tesla think about it?! It's gonna be a serious problem, fighting between the kids and between parents and kids is bound to occur, and eventually divorces by the dozen may result -- and the Model S has to take the blame just because it's so silent and smooth.

May I suggest that customers with children get a free CD... ah no, doesn't work. An MP3 should be pre-installed that imitates ICE noise (just no smell, please). And the air suspension could have a mode that induces an occasional shock into one direction or the other on a random basis.

What do you think?

(Don't take this thread too seriously, I am just trying to kill some time until I can get my Model S. Although Tesla could maybe offer or include some fun app like that, simply as a tongue-in-cheek gesture for customers with both, kids and humor.)

But CO would help to get kids sleep faster...permanently.

A spray bottle of chloroform is much handier and less final.

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