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Birds Eye View- Parking Assist

With all the tech possibilities, I hope Model X should has the best parking assist ever. I would hate to ding it. I love the Infinity Birds Eye view system.

I don't know about the Infinity system.

The BMWs have cameras all around the can that give a birds eye view which is pretty nice.

See the 6th image down on this page:

In fact, that's one reason I don't want to trade in my 3 series. (The other is the WONDERFUL heads up display.)


Infiniti is pretty damn good.
It's easier to park QX56 (a huge SUV) than a Model S.

I have used both systems and while similar, the Infinity QX system is hands down the best so far. I hope TESLA hits it out of the park with park assist because replacing the side mirrors with cameras would make this such an obvious thing to do.

Y can't you spell it? ;)

Too much Buzz Lightyear!

I agree. I have an Infiniti FX35, and people say that I'm cheating when I parellel park.

@mmcmonster -heads up display one of the only things I'll miss from my 550...can't tell you how many speeding tickets it saved me from...

Google earth in real time? :)

Little or nothing of Google Earth is real time.

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