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BMW to sell ads to show on in car infotainment Systems based on location of your car

Nothing like having in car billboards. That should be considered video aimed at driver and not allowed.

"solutions for context-adaptive, personalized filtering of large volumes of real-time offers generated by location-based service providers."


Not in MY car they don't!

OK they better implement that very carefully if they want people to see it as a feature not a horrific money grabbing gimmick by the car company.

Sure if going out for an evening drive and possibly going somewhere for a meal later, I might welcome a discount at an interesting-looking restaurant.

But if my wife and I are driving thru Fort Lauderdale and a chick pic pops up advertising local strip clubs, there's going to be trouble.

It better allow the user to choose categories. And maybe there should be individual user profiles, e.g. if one person wants to see discounts on tools but the other discounts on clothes, and maybe it should be passenger aware so it shows only the categories of mutual interest.....



Can you imagine driving down a boulevard and get bombarded with ads. It would be like a radar detector going off constantly due to it sensing business alarm systems.

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