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Brief delivery report

Accidentally posted this to 'general'.. so excuse the repost.

So we picked up my wife's car yesterday (she dubbed it 'KITT'.. anyone over 35 will get that).

The DS was in from Denver, as they haven't hired a local person yet (Atlanta). He was very helpful and the experience was great. He was surprised when I showed up with a massive checklist and questions (thanks, forum!) from other people's experiences. Well, I went down the whole checklist.. and all was good!

None of the issues others have found (frayed headliner, ill-adjusted doors, etc). They had charged the car to full with our own UMC cable, so we knew that worked (also had the 6-50 adapter already in the car.. which I needed!).

The wife had never seen/touched one before. She had seen the pictures and read the details and had wanted one - and then I got to crawl through one for a few hours so she decided to make the leap of faith. The 'mind blown' look on her face during the delivery was priceless.

Oh, and the whole way home - I could see her in my rear-view mirror.. wearing a Tesla grin.


Great story and congratulations. But how the heck was she behind you? Too nervous to pass?

Nah, just wasn't as familiar with that part of Atlanta.. she passed me once we got into roads she recognized. Passed me QUICKLY.

That's nice! Congratulations!
When are you getting yours;-)

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