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Burlington Supercharger

There is some chatter regarding a grand opening in Burlington set for Tuesday.
Does anyone have intel on this?

Just stopped by the Burlington chargers and a member of the deployment team was there making sure they all work properly. Chatted with him for a bit and took a couple pictures. Very cool to see the SC's in the flesh with electrons flowing!

He mentioned something about next Tuesday too but I assumed that was when they would list them as live on the Tesla site. I hope they have some kind of ceremony though. I know SC openings will get to be much more common but the first few in each state should have some fanfare! ;-)


I agree Grand Openings should happen! Wonderful news!
I will plan on Tuesday as I need to visit a gallery in LaConner. Now I can make the trip from Gig Harbor without the overnight.

I'm going to Bellingham tomorrow. Ill stop by just in case it's open.

Stopped by the Burlington super charger today. Plugged in and charged at a rate of about 165 miles per hour. But only for 5 minutes. That's when someone from the Fairfield Inn came out and told me (and another model s that had pulled in) that Tesla had asked that no one charge until the grand opening on Thursday gather 18th. I really didn't need to charge anyway.

Pulled in today. No cones, no tape, no other cars. Charged for 25 minutes, gained 70 miles. Plenty to get back to Seattle. No one came out from Inn. One driver did pull in to watch, said he was waiting for his second charger before taking delivery of his S.

First ever SC experience was quick and easy!

So is there going to be an official opening ceremony and if so what is the date/time? What is the source of your info? I am thinking of going but don't want it to be a wild electron chase.

Thursday at 10am is the word on the tmc forums.

Looks like it is a press event for the press and not owners. Not sure how to reason with this.
source=Tesla sales support Fremont. One would think owners would be most welcome and they would want a large contingency of Model S showing up. They have certainly made an effort to keep the event quiet. Hmmm?

I got an invitation to the ribbon cutting event on Thursday at 10am. Would love to make it, but I'm not sure I can leave work that time of day... My guess is that anyone who wants to could show up although they did ask for an RSVP

You can be my guests, let me know how many would like to come :) I'll RSVP

We are excited to announce our first Supercharger location in Washington. This newest addition to the Tesla Supercharger network will open Thursday, July 18th in Burlington, WA. To commemorate this important milestone for Tesla and our Pacific Northwest community, we would like to invite you, your family and your friends to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and celebrate with us.

Thursday, July 18th at 10:00am

Burlington Supercharger
9384 Old Highway 99 North
Burlington, WA 98233
(Located in the Fairfield Inn parking lot)

Please reply to this email if you plan to attend. Help us plan by letting us know the approximate number of guests you plan to bring.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Troy Jones
Senior Regional Sales Manager

Tesla Motors | 3500 Deer Creek Road | Palo Alto, CA 94304

Farthest stall to the right as you face the stalls has no power tonight. :(

Did you contact Tesla?

I used the right most stall (when facing stalls) on Sunday afternoon 9/29 and it worked ok.

I plugged in at Burlington in the left-most (head in) unit. I started with 40 rated miles left. After one hour the car had gained 170 miles to 210 rated miles. I had the car set to only charge to 230 miles. I wonder what would have happened if the car was set to charge to max range. Would I have gotten more than 170 miles gained?

I tend to use that head-in slot and usually get more charge than that.

Couldn't charge on 2A tonight. Kept getting message unable to charge. Tried unplugging and plugging twice. Moved to 4A and all was well. Called Tesla to report it.

Three cars there today (counting mine). First time I have seen three cars at a WA supercharger... Have seen 1 other car at Ellensburg, Centralia, and Burlington before.

Couldn't charge on 4B today about noon. 3B worked OK. Charged again on way back home about 6PM but did not try 4B.

Reported 4B problem to tesla.

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