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Burlington, WA Supercharger

Burlington, WA Supercharger is up and running.

Great news! Thanks for the update.

+1 jimjoly

any pictures ? ( we love to see pictures )

Great to hear. Will pay it a visit in a couple months on a road trip!

Ribbon cutting is scheduled for this Thursday (July 18) at 10am.

Pictures can be found here...


Any one tried Supercharger at Fairfield in Burlington WA with Tesla S 60 with twin charger. Will it work or will take same time as hpwc.

@Attar If I'm not mistaken, supercharging has nothing to do with the on board chargers you have. It Works as long as you buy the supercharging option

If you paid for Supercharging for your MS60, it should work. Having twin chargers has nothing to do with Supercharging...the DC power from the Supercharger goes directly to the MS60 battery. You do need the twin chargers if using a HPWC to its greatest potential.

Wow. Just boggles my mind that folks have actually purchased this ca

Sorry for the cut off post. I meant to say I'm shocked an owner would still be unclear on how the supercharging works.

I guess not everyone are complete Teslaholics! That's got to be a good thing! ;-)

All 85s can also use SuperChargers. They are about 2½ X as fast as an HWPC, shortly to upgrade to about 3X.

Buzzed out yesterday to check it out. Works like a charm!

..sorry.. failed at posting the image. 2nd try:

Thanks tobi_ger. Ideally, I would have liked to embed the photo directly to the post, but I failed miserably. Where's Brian_H when you need him? :)

let's try it

What a gas!

Sorry Brian - I was asking for any pictures and just honing my picture posting skills while you were having your beauty nap.

Nice work Kleist. I need some practice too. ;-)

This should do the trick:
<img src="URL-to-image" width="600" />

right, though the final / is superfluous.

ahh.. thanks tobi_ger & Brian for the image insert syntax!

Brian H
Superfluous or not, it's correct XHTML.

Looks like they abandoned the short cables that don't touch the ground.

Interesting also that they are not EV only spots- free to ICE them for 30 minutes.

Are they 120 kw or 90s?

@DTsea - most of the time SC are not used. As long as the SC are not in prime parking spots it should not make a difference.

make every SC station there appears to always be one front facing parking lot for charging. usually the very first or last parking slot.

@wcalvin - 90 for now. The step up to 120 will be done done via software. I don't think that has happened anywhere yet.

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