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Buyer's Remorse?

I'm about ready to finalize my MS order. Has any current MS owner experienced "buyer's remorse" after owning their car for a period of time? Buying the MS is big expense with questionable residual value years down the line.

No remorse. Just can't wait to retire as an original owner of this car. It will, in my mind, be a retirement fund. I can't see any reason this won't follow the footsteps of the the great 60's muscle cars. It has all the traits. Ground breaking, exclusive, stoplight brawling performance. In fact I configured mine like the sleeper of 68... the 428 cobra jet. White paint with standard wheels and of course the 'big block' P85!
I made huge sacrifices to make this car a reality for me. Sold lots of things and have eaten a ton of easy Mac. Worth every effort. Anybody who says it cots too much hasn't owned a classic car that appreciates. What ever you have spent comes back in magnitude when it is sold, so you really don't spend anything. Or you can buy some M5, for 70k and sell it for 30k five years later. Ouch, now that hurts.
You can buy my S in 30 years if you can afford it...


Actually those things are pretty normal. I had a Vectra whose windscreen cracked at about two weeks old, and many of the owners of that car had paint problems with the front bumper.

No buyer's remorse-none at all. I could use plenty of positive adjectives as a buyer and owner. You will be amazed & delighted.

I wish this was a private thread so you could only get responses from those who at least have a reservation, but I think the sort of responses you get from people who actually have the car can't be any better of an endorsement.

most expensive non-house-thing I've ever purchased (by 2x!) and no remorse here. See my review at


I completely understand your fears, and yes, it IS a big question-mark with regard to a great deal of future issues.

With that said, anyone buying any vehicle today is banking on many future issues that may or may-not go in their favor. For myself, I live in California, work in entertainment technology, and have a 130 mile round-trip commute in some of the nations worst traffic. When I heard about the Model S back in 2009, I was already sold, just based on what I knew it could do for my lifestyle. I am in my mid-40's now, and going back to driving a sub-par eco-moble, was something I just am not willing to downgrade to at this point in my life. However, with that said, spending $200.00 to $300.00 per week on a highly turblant fossle-fuel commidity that goes up in price at the mear drop of a hair, and places bad Karma on everyone who buys it, just no longer makes any sence to me, just so I can drive a luxury vehicle that fits with my style and desire.

So far with nearly 4k miles on my MS, I am not disapointed, and it has completely surpassed my expectations when I placed my original deposit over two years ago. IMHO, there just isn't anything on Earth that can touch this vehicle.

This vehicle is by far not for everyone, just the same as a H2 Hummer, or a Smart is. However, if having your cake and eat it too, is something you always dreamed of having in a vehicle, there is nothing better than the MS!

The Tesla S is the iPhone of cars. When the iPhone came out everyone wanted one. When everyone learns about the Model S, they will all want one too (but unfortunately not everyone will be able to afford it, but that's what Gen III is for). As far as Tesla being around for the long term, yes starting a car company from scratch is very, very hard to do. But the analysts are forgetting a few things. First the Model S is unique. There is no other car in the market that is even close. Just like the original iPhone, this car is head and shoulders above the entire market. Second, Tesla got the deal of a century when they bought the NUMMI plant for $42 million. One and a quarter miles long of buildings??? That place is the largest manufacturing factory in the US. Think about that for a moment. No unions, no legacy retirement benefits, no fiefdoms. Tesla has a LOT going for it. I am not too worried about their longevity...

My first new car was Ford Escort, then Prius and they did their jobs to cut gasoline consumption.

Tesla Model S is much more expensive than the other 2 ICE that I bought but it is well worth every single penny as it uses no gasoline at all.

I've been owning it for a little over 2 months with 6,700 miles on it, driving back an forth between Las Vegas and San Jose with no problem. Get it however you can: cash, finance, or mortgage your house! The price of Model S is a steal!

I picked up my Model S on the 20th of February, and I must say I have been delighted. I really love not going to the gas station anymore. I love the driving experience. I love the touch screen and dashboard. It is all very well executed. They seem to have worked out the quality issues of early production as well, as my car has not any of the issues reported on these forums that early cars have had. It is certainly the best car I have ever owned, and even though the price was steep, it has been worth it.

Does not getting performance count? That's the only remorse I could ever have (I really don't need it, but every once in a while I wish I had gotten it).

good balanced review :) I like the blue, i myself went for the 'racing green', my words not TM's :). Couple questions:
1. wow, had no idea of CCI price at teslaaccessories, i signed up but can't find a price...where did you see the pricing?
2. What was wrong with your registration? why would the officer confiscate it? I hope I get my official one soon.
3. Nice work on the custom insert :p

Great website!

Put me with the majority - opposite of remorse. Wished I had reserved earlier - oh well. Took a week long business trip last week and drove my ICE to the airport, the first time I had sat in/drove the car in 2 1/2 months. Felt like such a clunker. The acceleration lag; the high RMP/low RPM gear transitions; being all over the brakes due to no regen and relearning to drive; and lastly - all the noise that seemed to permeate the car. Was so happy to get back home and take the car out on an errand.

And regarding the interior - I am now in the group that is not interested in any of the CCI/console aftermarket options. Small tote under the cubby holds all I need (besides the glove box) and I have really grown to like the open interior. Certainly a personal opinion, just logging mine. Remorseless.

just curious, why did you take the ICE to the airport vs the MS?

That decision had nothing to do with the per day range loss topic (I am close enough could go 3+ weeks w/ 4.2 behavior), but just the thought of leaving the new car in the off airport parking garage for that time had me saying why do it. Guess concerns over someone dinging the car or it being unattended for that period of time, led me to the call to take my ICE (have not sold it yet, very soon). Regretted nearly every aspect of the decision in hind-sight except not worrying at all about the car while away.

My only regret was not spending more...I really couldn't afford more, but I would have liked to get the 85kwh battery, and the pano roof.

+1 Pungoteague_Dave

I am also concerned that in a year or 2 TM might not exist. Besides sales being a possible problem, what if there is a serious problem with the battery over the next couple years, and TM needs to replace 20,000 batteries. They would declare bankruptcy, and a 7 year warranty would be meaningless.


Had car for two weeks and it's the best car I've ever driven and I've had Audis BMWs and Porsche. Wish there was a winter package though like heated steering wheel. No remorse whatsoever.


We had a similar concern when we deposited $5k on the Model S many moons ago.

After thoroughly researching Tesla's history, the technology, their mission and their talent we became comfortable enough to up our deposit to $40k for a Signature. Keep in mind that this was a car that did not yet exist.

I had the benefit having a car nut electrical engineer with extensive new product launch experience in house to vet the product, infrastructure and technology.


The concerns seem legitimate. But if we agree that MS has against all odds to become the most amazing automobile today, I think that we ought to have a confidence that TM someday can become another Silicon Valley legend among ranks of Apple, intel and google.

P_Dave - yeah, I just remembered yours is white. Also today in Baltimore there was a red sig by the waterfront, I think on Lancaster st. Are the charges at the Homewood campus garage only Level 2?

I think all the above posts have done a great job of describing all the possible opposites of buyer's remorse. I usually get it on most large purchase. With the Model S - not one second, not one thought, nothing but joy and knowing I did the right thing. Even though it is twice the price of a car I would ever consider buying. Well worth it.

NO REGRETS AT ALL. This car is the Model T of viable EVs. A quantum leap in the way we commute to and from anywhere. . I have been driving Lexus hybrids ever since the RX came out. Great reliability and mileage for a car as big as they are. I always had the goal to eliminate ICEs all together and Tesla made it a reality. The MS is a totally different driving experience and I doubt I will ever want to go back to an ICE. There are so many motorists that pass me just to give me their thumbs up of support. Tesla has given all of us a chance to help pioneer the advancement of clean transportation. It is a pleasure to drive this car. It does has it limitations in certain areas - but they are all insignificant when looking at the total picture of where this technology is advancing. Tesla owners are the ambassadors of change. I have had the car about a week now and I have taken the time to show the car to at least four people that I do not know that have taken an interest in wanting to know about it. No regrets whatsoever. There is the risk of Tesla not making (I am concerned that they are trying to develop other models too soon with cash flow in question - might be better to put some of that energy in getting the Supercharging infra-structure inplace quicker) but without the early adopters they wouldn't be here now. So we need to promote the car to all who are interested in learning about it. I don't think we would be 'steering' them wrong.


I would not worry too much about TM surving, other than knowing failure is a pretty good possibility, so preparing yourself for that to occur. If TM were to fail, and you could not stand to see that, it might not be the right car.

In reality, there will be after-market support for the cars if TM fails, just no warranty coverage. I can get all the parts and service that I need for my 61-year old MG-TD, and they only made about 29,000 of those over three years. TM will sell that many Modesl S's in less than two years, so there will be a way to keep your car on the road almost no matter what happens. There are many similar stories about failed auto manufacturers - think DeLorean, AMC, Packard, Tucker. FOr all of those orphaned cars, there is a support network and a parts pipeline many years later.

I do worry a bit about the software support and updating issue, and would hate to have the car frozen in time where it is today (really looking forward to the sleep mode returning, scheduled charging, etc. so we do need TM for some things). There is risk that if TM failed right now, we would lose internet connectivity immediately because we don't have personal wireless contracts. Although we rely on TM to pay the phone bill every month, someone would step in even there when enough cars are in circulation. This is a seriously connected car that talks all the time with its momma, so we must trust that the mother ship's umbilical isn't necesary to sustain life, or that a hidden kill switch goes off if we fail to get service when required.

There are worries, but if we take no chances in life we aren't living. A Model S is a vote for tomorrow and technological progress (some would also say a greener earth, but I don't go there), along with the simple thrill of driving an amazing thing, and sharing the experience with friends and family. However, I also climb mountains and particpate in long distance motorcycle rallies under the same "life is short" philosophy, so take it with a grain of salt.

I once asked a much older friend how he could justify spending a ridiculous sum on a custom yacht. He is a wealthy, but otherwise quite philanthropic person. His response is my all-time favorite quote:

"I plan to be dead for a very long time."

Tiebreaker, I teach at the Harbor East campus, which has two free level 2 chargers in the parking garage under the Legg Mason building. I occasionally must go to the DC or Homewood campuses. There are five free level two chargers in the parking garage under Mason Hall, but in DC the only choice is parking garages in the area. It is walking distance to the Tesla DC store, but I only asked there one time, and they accomodated, but it can't be a regular practice, as they use the two wall outlets in the garage for the TM demo cars.

Do you have an S yet?

No remorse at all. Well, except that I couldn't get two!

@PD - regarding the software, there are plenty of software engineers among early EV buyers, so I am confident that we would be able to reverse engineer the hardware and update the software (we reverse engineered the mobile protocol in just a few days to be able to access the car remotely, doing data collection and being able to automatically initiate charging/HVAC, etc). There are tons of old abandoned devices that continue to get software updates due to the efforts of the community.

I bought a 2012 Ford F150 to hold me over until I got my Tesla and immediately had buyers remorse. Had my Tesla since January 21, 2013 and the only remorse I have concerning it is that I downgraded to a single charger (wish I hadn't) and although I got a black car and like it, kinda wish I had gotten the green.

My only regret is that I could not talk my wife into taking mine so I could get a Red/Tan. You will NEVER look back!

3 and a half months, 9992 miles, almost $3000 in gas savings. Not one remorse.

@billbaggy Great to see you emjoying the car so much.

Mike - just finalize and prepare for a wonderful ride! I doubt you'll regret it. But speaking as a veteran of 15+ years EV driving (conversion, Toyota RAV4 and now MS), this is by far the most refined and satisfying ride I've ever had (EV or petroleum powered). Every day is a thrill. Sure it was expensive, but we only live once, so why not enjoy it! The residual will still be mighty satisfying for someone else to enjoy too, yet I suspect I'll be keeping it! My RAV4 is nearly 11 years old, w/ original batteries, is ultra-reliable and inexpensive to operate and maintain. I call it an appliance; but the MS is so many steps beyond the RAV4, still electric & American-made. What's not to like?
Color my a happy owner!

@PD - I work on the medical campus in downtown B'more and agree with your sentiment that more chargers need to be installed institution-wide. To my knowledge, there are none on our campus. Was planning on writing to whomever is in charge of this kind of thing; if you know, then please pass on their info and I'll also write to them to second your request. Seems to go along with Ron D's green campus initiative. Also, thanks for the tip about chargers located in Harbor East; might come in handy one day.

Honk if you see a gray MS with gray wheels, might be me.

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