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Buyer's Remorse?

I'm about ready to finalize my MS order. Has any current MS owner experienced "buyer's remorse" after owning their car for a period of time? Buying the MS is big expense with questionable residual value years down the line.

I've been waiting impatiently for 5 months to get my car. I too struggled on whether it was a wise decision, as I've never owned anything over $25K. My wife says I am having a mid-life crisis, in my mid 40's. When I finalized my window of delivery was March 9th to March 24th. On various occasions I asked the Delivery Specialists on actual delivery and they said it would be closer till the end of March. I scheduled business trips for 4 straight weeks so that I could then work locally for 4 weeks while enjoying the car. Well, last Wednesday I got an email that my car would be ready for pickup last Friday. I will be picking it up on the 22nd...... that's about 3 weeks that my car will be sitting in the factory waiting for me, IT SUCKS!!!!! My only regret is that I wish the Delivery Specialists wouldn't of been so damn conservative and cautious about the expected delivery date.

Over 4000 miles and no remorse at all! I even had to leave my car with service twice, for a yaw sensor replacement and a cracked windshield replacement. My service experience was very good.

The only regret I have is not going for the Performance.

I can honestly say I was nervous about this car purchase in the week before delivery. It is by far the most expensive car I have ever owned (twice the price of the most expensive car I had previously). I even considered picking up the car and selling it privately immediately after pick up. This was however all prior to the actual pick up. Once I saw the car, sat in it, drove it, there was no remorse WHATSOEVER. This car is too fun to be in and to drive it is unexplainable. I too (as many other owners) find myself eagerly awaiting my drive to work, errands, whatever. I was initally nervous that this car was going to be too flashy because it was so expensive. However, it felt damn good when someone drove up next to me and gave me a thumbs up. I am proud to be a Tesla S owner and I'm happy that others appreciate not only the beauty of this car but it's purpose (a greener earth).

Took delivery Feb 22nd and it has been an absolute blast driving this gorgeous piece of technology.
The only issue I have had was the console being stuck on rear camera which a simple reboot fixed..

The only regret I have is not getting the twin charger and the HPWC on the off chance I needed it.
I made the decision not to invest another few grand just for the once off occasions. I now think I should have gone ahead and done it.

I have already put 1000 miles on it in just a little over a week.
I did a long round trip from OC to San Diego which didn't quite deplete the range but I needed to turn it around and go for a party that night.

What I did was top it up just a little while parked at San Diego's Balboa Park during the day trip.
At the end of the whole day, it turned out I didn't need to add more juice :-)

My new plates 'LxTesla' is in and I am waiting for the ones that came with the Tesla to come in so I can swap it. The x is a heart shape. No alt key on my iPad..

I haven't valued cars since I was 27 years old. I had an assignment in Japan and living in Tokyo you quickly realize what a drain a personal vehicle is. I've been through a few cars since back in the US, none over $35k and most of them used(let someone else eat the depreciation) and drive them into the ground. But started watching Tesla in 2006 or '07 and waiting for the sedan for many reasons.

Sole provider for kids in school and a very forgiving wife. Same story as a few others above. I was also nervous to pull the trigger especially when Tesla called and said it'd be ready in a week and I was expecting 3 months out. BUT I got the car(P85) and holy crap, best car I've ever had, ever driven, ever ridden in.

I have zero remorse buying this vehicle. Yes, missing a few niceties and if the imperfections are going to get you down go buy a new outfit, a safe status car, and sip your apple-tini.

This is a wonderful thread and has relieved all of the tension I have been feeling from the "issues" threads. Thanks, everyone. Now, if I could only get the power company and electrician here so that I could take delivery....

I have read a few comments on here of the only remorse is not paying the extra $15k for the P.

I had the chance to drive both the P85 and the standard 85 and the acceleration was noticeable. One feels like a sports car and the other feels like a fighter jet with afterburners.

Being only $15k away from SuperCar status is something to consider. Decisions decisions.

'One feels like a sports car and the other feels like a fighter jet with afterburners.'

+1 joe12pack

Wow, I thought my standard 85 behaves like a fighter jet already. Can't imagine that P85 must be like a rocket straight to the Moon.

I first drove the regular 85 and it brought a nice smile to my face. But then a few weeks later I drove the P85 and all I could say was HOLY s**t. My body, primarily my gut and back, felt like it was being physically assaulted by G's. Never felt anything like that. But I guess most people on earth have never felt a 4 second car.

At the end of the day I don't think I will opt for the P85 as I am already stretching it to even get in an 85. I also have reservations about the airshocks in the long run as it will be just another item to break. And the leather to me feels cheap and will not last long. My VW has much nicer leather. So for me you are really paying the full $15k for the P since those extra included things are not things I would pay for anyway. With that said, the tremendous pull was so amazing that I haven't completely ruled the P out. I still have hope that one of my stocks doubles in the next 30 days so I can justify the extra $.

The wife was a bit skeptical until we got the car, but after a couple of weeks loves the car and is talking enthusiastically about getting her Model X next year. She also had a good time turning the AC on from the app as I drove home from work today. At least she couldn't honk the horn!

Nearly 2000 miles of big smiles in just 3 weeks of ownership. This car exudes endorphins. No regrets.

Ni regrets,,,love our car. Will never go back..

Joe get the P85 otherwise you will regret it. I moved from a Carrera S to the P85 both are 4 sec cars but the P85 is so much better. Absolutely no buyers remorse. Dont get me wrong there are plenty of things I can complain about but this is THE CAR.

I usually don't name my cars, but I'm tempted to name mine (now 2 days old) the FDR:

As in 'speak softly and carry a big stick' That's exactly how the MS feels.

@winfriedwilcke, I think you meant Teddy Roosevelt, not FDR.

Yabbut, "goose pedal" sounds like "gas pedal", and says more! Bonus, it can cause double-takes and groans. Priceless.

Good news: both are fixable. A second charger can be added/inserted, and the HPWC you can buy anytime (requires adequate wiring hookup, of course).

I've had my standard 85 for a week and the only regret I have is not getting the performance version.

Oops, yes, I meant Teddy Roosevelt. I'm from Europe, as a lame excuse :-)

No regrets, I grin like a teenage fool every time I get in my car! Would NEVER go back to my BMW 5-series again. Take the plunge.... you will LOVE this car!

@winfried, no excuse necessary, I was being a pedant because I really didn't have anything else useful to add to the conversation. :-)

But I will say this: I've had my MS a month, I love it, and have absolutely no remorse. That's not to say it's a perfect car, but it exceeds my expectations in so many ways.

I've had my P85 for a month and will hit 1,500 miles tomorrow. I must say that I have exactly the same experience as all the other Model S owners: pure joy. No regrets. No remorse. I absolutely love this car.

Could there be more gadgets and goodies? Sure. Is it perfect? Of course not. Nothing is perfect. But it's really, really close.

I'm glad I loaded the car up with everything except the twin chargers, which I can add later. Still not convinced it's time to do that yet. In a year or two when there are more 70a chargers around, maybe.

Absolutely no remorse. No color remorse either (silver/black). I LOVE my new all-electric sports car!!! Working hard to have my wife consider the Model X in the future...

I'll chime in on the side of those who got the standard 85kWh and still think it was the right choice (i.e. not getting the P85). I've driven both. Yes the P85 is quicker, but I've gotten into too much trouble already with the 85, and it's plenty quick compared to most ICE cars already. I also wonder what the "P" does to range...

2 months, 11 days, 2,500 miles and no remorse, just pure joy, pride and confidence.

Joy, as in pleasure to drive. Pride to own the pinnacle of American ingenuity and engineering. Pride in Elon Musk, his team, and America for creating it. Confidence that I made the right decision, with no remorse. Confidence that Tesla is on the right track and will be sucessful.

Jemartin- I'm with you man, the standard 85kwh is scary enough for me, I don't need that kind of temptation :)
No regrets either yet, by the way. Even the standard sound system sounds nearly as good to me as the upgraded sound in my old Audi and Toyotas.

My greatest remorse is this:

I didn't respond to a myserious invitation I got via email from Tesla. I took a wild guess that it was an invitation to the Eastern US Supercharger un-veiling.

I learned later that I was invited to the Motor Trend "COTY" presentation. DOH!

How cool, a simple customer invited to an event that is like the Academy Awards for cars!

took delivery today - no regrets - car is awesome!

Regrets? No. Well, Yes. With a Roadster 2.5 Sport and a Model S Signature (non-performance) in my garage, I regret that I can't afford adding a Model X when it comes out!


Ha, ha, Ha Ha ha, Ha, ha ha, ah-ha, ha ha ha...

Ok in all seriousness... what's this post about?

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