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Cable organizer

Can this be used for the regular UMC cable that comes with the car? I leave mine at home when going on short trips. Anyone got this? Thanks

That's only the plastic hook to hold the charging cable of a high power wall charger. You can order a second UMC from Tesla to have one at home and one in your car.

Works great with the portable charge cable Just tried it.

Or you could buy a y shaped screw in hanger at Home Depot. But the Tesla hanger looks nicer and it works fine with the travel cord.

DallasTXModelS: Thanks. I am just looking for something to hang the cable.

Roamer: Thanks. Will check out homedepot.

Spasam, yes it works and I recommend it. It gives you somewhere to actually "plug in" the cable head when not in use, otherwise it is just draping over the holder.

Plastic garden hose hanger from the hardware store runs about 10 bucks, and won't kink the cord.

Works great. Bought it 6 months ago and it's way better that a hook holds the charger part of the cable perfectly

After posting, I googled around and found some old posts with pictures of hanger etc. I don't mind using them, but I also don't want to leave open the charge end. Most of the time I end up leaving the cable plugged in. With kids around, a cover for the other end might be useful. Thank you all for replying. Am ordering one now.

Had a j-hook. Bought this one. Makes my UMC look neater. Always leave my cable at home. Not essential but I like it.

No current or voltage until after the charger has linked to the car's computer and both agree the connection is solid. Kids are at no risk.

@Brian H

Shouldn't that be a colon ":", not a semi-colon ";" after "spasam"?

Just wonderin'

I bought the Connector hanger, but then discovered that I can use bungee cords to leave the business end hanging in space between parking slots, and easy reach for plugging in.

Brain, did not realize that. Thanks for the info.

Bungee cords to the rescue again!

Try this $4 at Lowes|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1%26page%3D1&facetInfo=$1%20-%20$5|$5%20-%20$10

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