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This is my #1 concern right now...

Considering North America will receive Tesla's first starting off with the Signature editions, how is that exactly being done?

We have Canadian reservation numbers, Canadian Signature numbers and states signature numbers etc..

So. if Tesla will lets say produce 1500 in 2012 (being realistic), will those 1500 first go to the states?

Lets say Canada has 300 on order and the states has 4000.

If this is the case, 1. I'll try to purchase mine in the states with a bigger battery pack to avoid the wait OR 2. i'll still end up purchasing the bigger battery pack to avoid the wait IF the price is around the same in Canada.

To say North America and Europe makes no sense considering Europe has 1 reservation system and NA has 2 systems (Canada/States).

Signature (capped at 1,000) are delivered first
US Signature, then Canada, then EU

Production 300 mile next

230 pack next

160 pack last

The FAQ blog says Canadian Signature will be approx 3 months after the US Signature (different car requirements in Canada like kms vs mph, daytime running lights, etc). It's all guesswork after that.

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