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Canadian Supercharger Sadness

Well, we're past the 6 to 8 weeks as promised by Elon himself back on May 1st. Still no SC's around my end of the continent. I guess I'll keep driving my MS in circles.

Not sure where you are located - but did you see the progress pics for Squamish?

Here ya go:

Yup, Canada and the Northeast backcountry are officially ignored. Sucks.

I can't in good conscience mention superchargers and Canada in the same sentence when talking to Canadian prospects anymore. Certainly talk about home charging and other charging networks in Canada but it could be so much easier if the SC construction schedule was being followed.

Does Canada have tougher permitting laws than the US? I'm just wondering if it is an issue with Tesla not trying or if leasing space, or regulations/permitting is what is holding things up....

Lots of Teslas sold in Canada?

The country is as ~ as big as the U.S. but with the population of less than California.

Not hating on Canada, but the entire world needs to be Supercharged.

I believe there is more than 1,000 Teslas in Eastern Canada and 9 or 10 planned SC installations in that area but none up and going yet. I don't know about permit issues but generally we are quite EV friendly, at least in Ontario. Bad winter weather has been mentioned in the past but that is long gone. We now have 4 or 5 months of construction weather available in 2014. We will see come year end!

As focused as Elon and Tesla are, they have a lot of irons in the fire...I bet Canada has a couple SCs in another month.

@SamO there's only two cities in the United States bigger than Toronto I'll let you figure that out
So yes Canada does represent a significant market

church70: In that case I would expect Canada to get at least as many Superchargers as Texas will have.


Population wise Canada is bigger than Norway and Tesla market wise it buys more Teslas than Germany. Canadian superchargers were on Tesla map since day one. Not sure why a single supercharger has not yet been built.

Well, probably not more than Germany, but still as many. Canada needs superchargers and Tesla knows that. There's something else.

You've mentioned Canada is size of US with population less than California.

True, but majority of that population leaves along Canada - US border in the corridor from Hamilton (2 hours drive to the West from Toronto) to Montreal 6 hours drive to the East.

It is not just Canada though. To the south of border it's not any better. I would say the same is correct for New England. The closest supercharger is Albany, NY. Which is way too far from anywhere to be reached.

Due to high cost of gasoline, Canada is a natural market for Tesla. What exactly is the price these days up there, eh?

I understand the multiple irons-in-the-fire thing but Elon is not personally coming up and installing them, is he? The SC team rolled out a lot of stations in a short amount of time to keep up with the demand and promise to fulfill a dream. The records were set travelling cross county and the SC opening mania waned. I'm not fond of the excuses having paid a large amount of cash for a vehicle that is supposed to be SuperChargeable. It's irritating to hear promises made at that level and no follow through. Forgive me for bringing this first-world problem to light.

At $1.40 per liter and .26 liters per gallon that's about $5.38 per US gallon!

@plusplusjames: the cost of gas is $1.50/L

Thanks for the heads up. Proves my point that Tesla is underserving a large potential market (Canada). They went in big in Norway and did very well.

Why not install 4 Superchargers in Canada on a fire drill basis (to link up the cities between Quebec City and Toronto)?

Seems like a no-brainer...

I still hope they will deliver before the end of the year. The plan for 2014 is very ambitious and we're half way through the year. It might well be Tesla trying to avoid demand surge, knowing they are short of batteries, but Canada and New England have been "coming soon" for quite a while now. Some progress will be very much welcome indeed.

We should start a Class Action suit to get reimbursed for the supercharger fees we paid.

OP - I feel your pain. We live in Nebraska and are a SC desert. Thought that when the coast-to-coast SC network was announced going through I80 we would have them by now. Instead the route went through I90, S. Dakota. If you are driving from the east coast to the west coast in the U.S. that is NOT the straightest route. It is through NE on I80. Also there is more population/Tesla's in NE than S. Dakota. So WTH!

So I hope you get the SCers soon. However, in the larger scheme of things, the delay, both in NE and Canada is of no consequence. I don't mean to be unfeeling, it is simply a statement of fact. Demand continues to outpace production, they are still on track to change the world, I still drive the best car in the world. I grin, I drive, I acknowledge that if local SCers are a prerequisite for ownership then some people had best wait. I also acknowledge that Tesla has made missteps in communication along the way. Still they are doing what many experts thought impossible.

Again I hope for SCers in your area soon. In the meantime I will continue to grin and marvel at the amazing things this company has done and continues to do.

Tesla official said that Québec's supercharger should be up and running in august. Marks on the ground at Drummondville's mall are supporting this prediction.

* "HQ" stands for Hydro-Québec, the national electricity provider.

Class action lawsuit? Is, or is not your car supercharger capable? That is all Tesla promised. They never said every owner would have SC service everyplace they want it.... just ask drax7.

I am glad to see this thread. I had mentioned I can not for the life of me figure out why they have not just put even one SC in Canada? The 0 a year later is saying something? (because it does not cost much to put one in)

They lost/postponed a sale to us by us buying a Fusion. I wanted a MS but one year of checking the map and I started to feel silly like maybe for some reason this market is not important... (Toronto area)

Vancouver has the most expensive gas west of Europe. No SC...

Our Fusion Energi has cut our gas expenses by 75% from up to $800 a month. That money could have went to Tesla, yet they do not want it...

From the Canadian perspective a great car but the halo is coming off...

Vancouver does have an SC in range. Burlington WA connects Vancouver to the west coast supercharger route. And Squamish BC is under construction to enable Vancouver to Whistler.

I am thinking some professor failed Elon when he went to school here and he is giving payback! (lol)

I do not buy the construction story either we build stuff here all the time and on time no different than U.S..

I do not buy he does not know the market as his mom is Canadian and he went to College here... So that does not fly...

From the Canadian perspective it has went from (for many) we trust you are going to build the SC (so they bought the car) to me it was build the SC (even just one) and you can cash the cheque to you can cash the cheque after you build the SC...

I know I had some fun poked at me about the Fusion Energi but I can get everywhere without planning and Ford did not even mention fast charging.

Plug in hybrid's are a big threat to the EV market in my mind. No infrastructure is needed. Mercedes is doing a C and S Class plug in.

Yes some will want pure/true EV's as purists but I think lots will go for Plug in's especially if no SC's.

With the huge population concentration in that Ontario region, I second plusplusjames' comment. They could have made a huge amount of difference for the country just by doing 3 or 4 of them.


Congratulations on your purchase, but for the rest I don't really think your rationale would work for others still considering Tesla. Those who can still wait I would advise to wait. Tesla may be a few months late with Superchargers. But you can't buy a car for just a few months and then sell it at decent price to buy you a Tesla. A car, and any car is at least a few years commitment.

Hope your savings on maintenance are as good as your fuel savings and yet in the end your car holds its resale value.

Above all drive safe!

At least we are not smashing our windshields.

*Drive Safely!

Not drive safe.

Anywho, I'm still a big fan. And I don't normally plan road trips but buying the Tesla has me planning to drive to Colorado, California and Florida from Montreal soon....based on the SuperCharger hype! The lack of a viable link means I have to spend more time at the lake in Quebec this summer. Sadness....

Get it together.... The HQ signs for Richelieu are a weak hope! We can already get to Quebec City from Montreal. Emphasis is wrong.!

We have two cars actually 3 now. In time we will be back to two and hopefully one is a Gen III or used MS? (or MX)

I just no longer check the SC map daily! (after 1 year I started to feel a little nuts!) Tesla is now on their time line which they have been anyway... I am not waiting eagerly... I truly do hope they flood our Canadian market with SC's.

I am not sure I buy all the maintenance savings. I love the idea of not having to worry about all the parts of an ICE but a lot of ICE's are pretty reliable... (maybe from year 15 on Tesla could be better?)

On the Ford it was come back in 8,000 km's I think and some guys are doing oil changes every two years? Just no miles on the ICE. Is Tesla not $500 per year? I think the Ford is $60 for the oil change.

Tesla biggest advantage (to me) is lots of electric power and Super Charging making long distance EV travel a practical reality. (Fusion is really a gas engine on long distance)

Someone on here said lower TCO for Tesla? I just can not see it...

I do hope they hurry to keep the loyal Canadian fan base happy...

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