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So who has cancelled and why?

On the fence now that configurng time is here.

My wife and I have waffled a few times:

1) When we found out the 6.1% import duty would apply to the Model S, despite the fact that it is more "North American" than many supposedly domestic vehicles. As with many of you we felt that the reply by our Conservative government was a great example of cut and paste. Not very psychologically satisfying at the very least as well as being pretty dismissive. It's obvious they're not at all supportive of vehicle electrification.

2) Despite the CA dollar currently being worth 1.01 US dollars, as Canadians we are supposed to pay an additional 1-2% "country-specific" additional amount. Doesn't the 1.01 US satisfy that already? How many more times are we going to get dinged as Canadians? That said, I feel sorry for those folks in the EU and UK who are paying far more tax and many more levies, but still.

3) When we recently found out that the Ministry of Transport had not allowed the vehicles to be sold yet. I am desperate for a car and can't understand what the hold up was. Thankfully I understand we're past that now and the S' can legally be sold today.

Despite these issues we are still going ahead. I've been quite surprised how committed the wife is to going ahead. I think at this point she is motivated by spite and has (on more than one occasion) suggested parking the S' right in front of our local Conservative MP's office.

I am on the fence about canceling. The main reason is that my freeway (110) has changed from a HOV freeway where the electric car would get carpool lane access to a toll road (California) that would cost an extra 400++ a month to use. I test drove the car and loved it.

We hesitated as well. Not because of the vehicle's quality, which appears unimpeachable. Not out of uncertainty about Tesla, as I know several Roadster owners who are so happy with their experience that I think it's clear the company is in good hands. No, we hesitated for two reasons: one was purely financial as we just moved back to California and bought a home here in October. The other is a question of the physical size of the car. We have an awkward driveway and it took a while to convince ourselves we had a workable approach to the garage!

It's entertaining to hear about conservative roadblocks to innovation because that's one of the things that helped compel us to support Tesla. In the first presidential debate this year when Romney called the company a "loser" we knew we'd go the extra mile to ensure otherwise.

... and yes, we have since taken the leap and will be picking up our Model S this weekend. I haven't had any sleepless nights just yet, but we have a few more to go.


Is TM really taking more than 400 reservations a week? If so, that is great to hear.


I think your points are valid. Putting down a $5K reservation that was fully refundable is 0 risk. But committing to buy an $75k+ car is completely different, and it also crossed my mind that there might not be a TM there for the length of my warranty, or worse yet, my 4yr extended warranty.

That all being said, many of us who put our reservation down 2+ years ago are committed, and wouldn't change our minds even if the 12/21/12 Armageddon had happened! But I bet many reservations were never made for that very reason.

I am buying a great, green, innovative, American made car. For each of those reasons I am following through.

I put reservation down on 8/9/2009. I received car on 12/18/2012. It was worth the wait. I love it! I want to drive everywhere and agree to run errands at any time. This car is a dream to drive and everyone is BLOWN away when they ride in it.

Buy it, you wont regret it.

Sigh. I was in the Santana Row store on Aug 3rd and knew I should have reserved that day! Having just reserved on Christmas, I probably won't see mine for at least six months. Sigh.

There's hope you might see 4 or 5; production may ramp up to 3K+/mo soon, and may grow beyond that, and there are around 15K unfilled orders. The good Lord willin' an' the crik don't rise.

@Brian: Thanks. I don't want to let my hopes get the better of reasonable expectations. But ~15k unfilled orders/reservations ahead of me sounds about right, based on the latest estimated net reservations after downgrades/cancelations/etc., reported finished VIN 3235, and subtracting a few hundred RHD reservations that won't go into production until late 2013 (UK/AU/HK, possibly JP?).

Now to get my hopes up: When the time comes, I plan on finalizing a silver performance Model S. So perhaps it can get into production just before 40kWh, standard suspension, and (new) red are added to the production line. But with those additions stated to begin in March, I shouldn't hold my breath.
While I'm waxing hopeful, perhaps jumping the line queue of 2000 or so European non-sig reservation holders could happen? ;)


I have been a reservation holder only since April. I live in Canada. There has been a lot of talk recently about the S's poor performance in snow and it is a HUGE concern for me. If you live in an area that gets snow, I'd read the various threads here and at TMC on the subject. Right now, I really don't know what to do if the finalize button appears...

RobertMontreal, Tesla sells chains for $US80.... is that so bad?

RobertMontreal, here is a post from an owner about chains- on 'anyone used chains yet?' thread:

Doug | DECEMBER 29, 2012
I purchased the 19 rims and snow tires from the Menlo Park Tesla Facility. I used chains last Friday when there was chain control on interstate 80. I had to put on chains or more specifically the cables on near Colfax. No problem as they fit perfectly on the 19" rims and tires and did not hit the the fender or or any parts of the body of the Model S. Car handled very well with the cables and 19" wheels.

Love the Model S and its performance in the Mountains.

If you wait, thinking something better is "just around the corner", then you'll never buy anything :P
You have to decide if THIS is what you want, if what is available NOW will do what you need/want it to do. If it does, then GO GET IT! You can always trade up later :D

This is coming from a Tesla addict who laid out a financial plan to own a Tesla, and then had his plans royally screwed a year before Tesla opened the reservation lists, so take that with a grain of salt........ the size of an aircraft carrier :P

I will have a Tesla, it's just a question of which one I will pick, and when I will have it in my posession.

no carriers. A grain is an actual measurement, an amount = about 1/15 gm.

Don't make me get the rolled up newspaper Brian }BD

Whatever your concerns are, the main question is do you want an electric car or not? Model S is the only real car which is electric...

Ruff! Arf yerself! {9p

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