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Car wash recommendations in NJ?

Particularly in the Princeton/Trenton/New Brunswick area?

Summit car wash is brushless. They take the teslas from the short hill store over there. Had mine washed there....nice job

thanks. will look that up.

If going all the way to Summit is OK, you may want to try the one in Scotch Plains right across from the golf course. It is totally brushless and they usually do a great job. Tuesday is a special day with a $3 off on any package.

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This is the first car I ever own that I actually enjoy washing myself. Bought a bunch of supplies and it takes me just half hour wash it.

I will definitely wash it myself (mainly just spraying down and minimal if any use of soap) in my driveway, but right now it's just too cold in NJ!


I'm looking as well in Trenton area. I went to a self sprayer place in Ewing last week (Picernos at 1543 Parkway Ave). Also, used a self-sprayer place near Franklin Mills Mall in Philly.

There's a brushless place in Morrisville PA near the advance auto store (where I went to buy my own cleaning supplies).

I don't know about the standard brushless places. I like the idea of going where the Tesla folks go but Summit is a long drive for a car wash.

Problem with washing my own is that its a slippery slope. Pretty soon my wife will expect me to be washing her PILOT as well.

Warren Nj
3 people work on car for half an hour-hand washed

used them twice and it is excellent

I goto Livingston Car Wash. It's brushless and they let me sit in the car and ride it thru given the seat sensor, You have to leave the car in neutral and only way to do that is sitting in the seat or turning the car off. Comes out great! Just be careful letting them do the interior. I chose just exterior so as not to cause any problems with the touch screen. As I've posted on Tmc static electricity can cause your screen to go bonkers so be careful wiping around the dash and windshield.

Looks like we need to add a "Car Wash" mode to the "Valet" one.

In Northern NJ, Hands On Car Wash in Belleville is newly renovated and everything is done by hand. It is at 727 Belleville Ave across from A&P. There is even a Groupon deal. I have been using this car wash for almost a year for my other vehicle. They do an excellent job.

Major Car Wash. Soft fabric brushes, strong foam. Hand dried. 3 locations at Princeton, South Brunswick, and Rahway.

Car wash in Scotch Plains was aware of Model S and had a person drive it through. They told me they regularly wash three others.
Wash was good as always.
19 dollars for custom wash.

whats the address in scotchplains ? thx

Any car wash place near West Long Branch?

I'm happy with them, hand wash full service 20.00, wax 20.00 extra

Spotless Car Wash & Detailing,
1710 Route 130 in North Brunswick, NJ

Yes there is a touchless car wash on 93 Rte 35N in Eatontown just north of Lowes.

anything around short hills area? guess most people in short hills have their butlers do it.

Madison Car Wash on Main Street in Madison do a great job, I inquired about Teslas and they claim to wash three. They ride someone inside the car through the wash.

The best car wash I have ever been to is AUTOSHEEN in Blackwood, NJ. They do a great job at their Cherry Hill location too. They are a destination place. They wash a few MS and I have also seen Bentleys and Rolls Royces being washed there too. If you are driving a black MS, they have a hand wax that will make your car shine so much you might need a pair of shades :-). Those guys rock.

In Bergen County, use Teaneck Car Wash on Teaneck Road. The owner is an enthusiast also and will give you a special deal ....normally its $12 for hand wash . They do a great job.

I washed my car twice by hand, and totally realized my limitations - it took me 2 hours to do a really bad job.

So I went to check out if Super Car Wash at JCT 202S / 22S still had hand wash. The guy in charge there, Julio, said that they did not do hand wash any more, but it would be totally fine putting the car through the line, that their line was soft, that he's done for 4 already. I asked 4 what? He said - electric cars, then told me that I needed to leave the key in the car and one of their guys will need to sit in it to prevent it from parking itself. He seemed to know his stuff, so I did the wash there. Turned out pretty good.

My blue tooth got disconnected though. I reconnected it with no issue.

Any Update for brushless car washes in Northern NJ? Thanks

I've taken mine here twice in Englewood and been happy both times. Takes about 20 mins for a quality hand wash.

Any good brushless cr washes in the EDISON NJ area?

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