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Carbon Fiber Spoiler

I am a owner of a Model S P85+ with Carbon Fiber Spoiler.

I was driving from LA back to SF today on my mini van and I have spotted a blue Tesla Model S 60.

This car not only has the carbon fiber spoiler but also has the part below the spoiler in carbon fiber as well. Basically the Tesla logo is placed on the carbon fiber piece as well.

Has anybody else seen this? Is this an after market accessory?

Here is the picture.

omg look at the Cali sunshine, very jealous.

I think Franz vH's car had a CF rear diffuser. I see where the Tesla store offers lots of options in CF for the Roadster.

Thanks guys. I am wondering if anybody here got this on their car.

likely a wrap…. i am starting a post about wraps as we speak

My guess is its a diffuser than a wrap. It almost look like a s single piece. But I could be wrong.

Looks like a wrap to me. Did you get in front of the car to see if the hood had the same treatment? Some people create a two tone look by wrapping or painting the hood and trunk on their cars.

I was told that only the Performance S P85 comes with a spoiler, so this is interesting indeed.

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