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Careful with your 21 inch tires!!! I managed to bang up my rear tire despite all the warnings I read on the forum. :(

This forum prepared me so well to take delivery of my car. So, I knew the risks of the 21 inch tires. Yet, at a moment of carefree driving, I managed to bang against a small (maybe 6 inch high) concrete parking divider and gouged the sidewall. No air leak from tire, just a small gouge and lightly banged up rim. Does anyone know if the sidewall can be (or needs to be) repaired (glued?), or maybe its okay?

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Let a tyre specialist check this! Sidewall dammage on a tyre is dangerous. I expect that you will need te replace the tyre. (I would for sure buy a new one if in doubt.)

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I don't know about light... that looks pretty bad to me and the side wall could be irreparably damaged too. If you value your safety then I'd seriously consider changing that tire out asap and don't go above 60km/h until you do. A blowout can end up badly.

Thanks for sharing your experience and the graphic picture.
I am no tire expert but if I were you, I would replace the tire as soon as I could.

Its skin integrity is chipped and its ability to continue to bear all the pressure especially at high speed is in question. It's more like "when" it will eventually fail, not "whether it will ever fail"!

It looks like a cut in the sidewall. If so, that is a replace job. ASAP. I would be driving VERY slowly until It is checked. If we had spare wheels, I would be swapping that out immediately.

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Good news! Took car to Davis Brothers Pro Tires in Culver City, CA. Tire is okay; the side wall did exactly what its supposed to do, protect the tire, and paid price with a small gouge. Now back to enjoying the car.

p.s. Brian H, not sure why add pic fails (I followed your recommended format).

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As long as the integrity of the tire is intact (which you had verified) super glue or rubber adhesive that rubber flab back down, apply some tire bright to all four tires, and you are good to go, That is standard practice for peeled rim protector bead rubber for those running low profile tires with occasional curb contact. Glad it worked out and stay away from those curbs!

I have been driving vehicles with low-profile performance tires and big rims for many years now, and unless you typically drive on very flat roads, you have to pay very close attention to how fast you drive in areas where the roads have bumps, pot-holes, train-tracks, etc.

Even with years of experence,I still find times where I have to remind myself I can't just drive my MS like my old SUV that has six inch sidewall tires, that can take a pothole at 75 MPH.

anyone know of a shop that has installed the alloy gators in the Los Angeles area?

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